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Daily Dose June 16 : Here comes Phase 2

Daily Dose: Here comes Phase 2

On a day where 0 cases of Singaporeans reported for Covid19, Phase 2 was announced to reopen on June 19. Despite the higher than average rate of infection for the community for the past 2 weeks after CB and that MOST of the cases are still considered as infected during CB, Phase 2 is set to power ahead.

The move is surprising considering that no valid solution for mass contact tracing is available before June 19. The Trace Together Tokens were mentioned before but the availability has not been made known. We would have anticipated that this would be available at least before Phase 2 starts.

1) Phase 2: What you can do and cannot do
A quick guide to what you can do for Phase 2. There are still some odd guidelines such as no go for singing lessons when groups of 5 can mingle and socialise.

Can do: Buy Bubble Tea from Standalone stalls
Cannot do: Go to Zoo

2) 214 case confirmed
211 Dorms
2 Community ( Work Permit Holders)

The numbers are close to the lowest in weeks with zero Singaporeans/PR community cases. The catch is there is no report of how many were tested. 

The Work Permit Holders outside dorms continue to show up in the numbers. That said, it would be best to test ALL work permit holders outside dorms before they are allowed to proceed with work.

The low numbers put a positive spin in the opening of Phase 2

3) MOH clarifies on imported case
The Blangasdeshi was allowed in Singapore on medical grounds. He had 2 operations in Singapore prior. All ST visitors with the exception of those on Fast Lane permits are still banned.

4) Singapore Jobless Rate highest in 10 years
Do not be fooled by the headlines. Overall unemployment rate worse from 2.3 to 2.4%. Hardly something to get too excited over.

5) Three men fined, jailed for kayaking to Pulau Ubin to Camp
This was done during the Circuit Breaker. CB applies to whole of Singapore, even Ubin.

They were sentenced to 4 weeks jail and dine.

6) Woman fined $5000 for meeting boyfriend during CB
If only she can wait till June 19 to save some money

7) Platinium Dogs Club operator charged with multiple offences

Unregistered Pet Hotel owner obstruct justice and hire cremation company to create carcass of missing Shetland sheepdog.

8) More long term pass holders to be allowed into Singapore. Stay Home notice will apply to all travellers.Swab Test a must towards end of stay home notice.

Visitors who have been in Australia, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam for the last 14 consecutive days before their entry here will no longer have to serve their stay-home notice at designated facilities.

The Government on Monday also said that it will no longer bear accommodation costs for those staying at dedicated facilities for people serving stay-home notices, as it had done so far.This does not apply to Singapore citizens or PR

Covid19 tests to be paid by travellers.

Swab Test in place of 14 day SHN for fast lane users are on a case by case basis.

With Phase 2 starting, we anticipate that Covid19 news will be regulated to the background and election news to be brought to the forefront. Since we are apolitical, we would not be canvassing for any parties. Instead, Daily Dose will continue to bring you ALL the daily highlights in Singapore. 

Stay tuned and thanks for your support!

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