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10 Family activities for Phase 2 Singapore

Phase 2 is starting on June 19

It's just a few days before Phase 2 begins. After Staying At Home for most of Circuit Breakers, families would now have the opportunity to head out once again. That means it is time to start planning for activities. 

10 activities you could do with families

1) Visit the Grandparents and have a family meal

Previously, the rule was to have 2 visitors at one time in a household. Now, you can have up to 5 visitors at one time. 
This means it is now possible to have a meal as an extended family with your grandparents. You could also meet up with your friends and relatives in the household. Remember, a maximum of 5 visitors at one time!

2) Dining Out

Missed eating out?
If you are a family of 5 and below, you can head out to your favourite restaurants or hawker centres to have your meals. Finally, parents do not have to prepare meals or clean the dishes after a meal!

3) Head to the Beaches

Beaches were closed during circuit breakers. They will reopen in Phase 2. After months of cooped up at home, a little sun would be most welcoming. Bring your sunscreen and keep your safe distancing!

4) Explore the Great outdoors

The great outdoors is open for exploring once again. With overgrown lalang and greens due to Circuit Breaker, it is time to see the wild in its true splendour. MacRitchie Treetop, Changi Boardwalk, Pasir Ris Mangrove Boardwalk, Cooney Island, Bukit Timah Natural Reserves, Southern Ridges, Sungei Boleh Wetland Reserves, Labrador Nature Reserve are some of the spots you can visit.

If you need more inspiration on the great outdoors, you can refer to this list.

5) Exercise in the Parks

Parks are reopening for exercise. Previously, you can only exercise along the footpath. Access to parks was limited as carpark were close. From June 19, parks will reopen as usual for you to enjoy the flora and fauna.

6) Play at Playgrounds

Kids have a lot of kinetic energy.  Unless you have a house with a big yard, your children would be derived from releasing these pent up kinetic energy. The good news is that the playground will now be open. 

7) Shop for new clothes

It's time to head back to the shops for new clothes. The kids would have probably grew a size or two during circuit breaker, so getting a new set of clothes and shoes is a must.  While you are at it, might as well drop in the bookstores. Exams are around the corner, so getting a few sets of assessment books for revision is a must.

8) Play basketball or go for a swim

You can now have a game of basketball or go for a swim at the public pools. If you are staying in the condo, these facilities will be open too. 

9) Go Bowling

If you had spend too much time indoors and am afraid of the sun, bring the whole family to bowl instead. Treat each pin as a day of CB and see how many you can knock down !

10) Head to Jewel Changi Airport

Jewel Changi Airport as not even a year old before Covid19 hits us. From a crown jewel of the nation, it became an empty shell with the giant indoor waterfall turned off. With shops reopening, it should burst back into life. While travelling is still restricted, it does not mean we could not head to the airport to have some downtime. 

Just pretend that you are heading there for a journey. Bring a suitcase along ... just for fun

Have fun but stay cautious

Regardless of the things you can do, the threat of Covid19 remains. When you are out, do continue to wear a mask and observe Social Distancing. Always wash your hands and stay conscious of your surroundings. If the place is too crowded and social distancing cannot be done effectively, we would advise heading back another day when there are fewer crowds.

It is not the time to be complacent. We have the liberty to do certain things, so make the best use of it and not abuse it. 

Stay Safe!

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