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Daily Dose June 18 : The Countdown begins

Daily Dose: The Countdown Begins

Phase 2 is set to start tomorrow. There are many who are already making weekend plans, especially for Father's Day. 

While it could be liberating, unlike some countries that chosen to lift restrictive measures, Singapore does not have the privilege of zero cases. On the contrary, daily cases remain over hundreds and undetected cases in the community would pop up every other day.

It is not party time as seen with cases jumping back up again after the announcements. Start the countdown, but do not go all out to celebrate. With more interaction, it would mean more risks. 

Stay vigilant and stay safe!

1)  247 cases confirmed
242 Dorms

5 community ( 2 SC/PR, 3 work permit)
Breaking 2 consecutive days of zero cases, 2 SC/PR cases are detected. Dorms cases spike up again from a low of 149 to 242. This probably indicates that more tests were done in dorms.

Community cases continue to be picked up by proactive screening. This implies that the virus remains undetected and that there are more hidden cases in the community.

2) 4 more spots identified as places where cases had been when they are infectious

Take note if you had been to the following area

1 Cold Storage supermarket at Siglap V on June 5 between 6.15am and 6.55am, and again on June 7 between 7.05am and 7.55am

2 NTUC FairPrice supermarket at Siglap New Market on June 7 between 8am and 8.30am

3 Kopitiam at Our Tampines Hub on June 7 between 5.05pm and 5.50pm

4 SF Chandpur Minimart at 6 Desker Road on June 11 between 8pm and 8.40pm

3) Tuition Centers must implement more safety measures to reopen

Not all Tuition Centers will open tomorrow. Some would need to reduce class sizes and reschedule before they are allowed to open

4) DC Super Heros Cafe- MBS to close its doors for good

This is the second time a franchise close in two days due to Covid19. The first was Kidzania

5) Mom Advisory on FDW Rest Days

Rest Days outside to be taken on weekdays to avoid crowds

6) 2 Charged with leaving home during circuit breaker on PMD

They travelled from Bedok to Mount Faber to meet 15 other People

7) CCA to resume in schools, group activities of up to 5 students for PE Teachers

Some CCA will be conducted through digital means

8) Ikea to open stores with strict safe distancing measures
F & B and kid's facilities to be close for the moment. So you have to wait a little longer for Swedish meatballs and chicken wings

9) All secondary school students to get a personal laptop or tablets by 2021

Laptops would need to be purchased.

10) Singaporeans, PR who left the country before March 27 will have the cost of Covid19 tests waived till end August.

The ministry reiterated that for “avoidance of doubt”, all travellers — including Singapore citizens and permanent residents — who last left Singapore after March 27, 2020 despite the prevailing travel advisory will have to continue to bear the cost of their stay at dedicated stay-home notice facilities as well as the cost of their Covid-19 tests.

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