Best in Singapore: Top 30 Lifestyle Bloggers you should follow in 2020

Woo Hoo

We made it the Top 30 Lifestyle Bloggers you should follow in 2020 list by Best in Singapore.

To be honest, blogging is seen as a sunset industry around the world. Nowadays people prefer Tik Tok or Instagram where you get seconds of interactions with the audience. Nonetheless, we strive on with the belief that sometimes, there will be people who are searching for more substantial information. We had evolved from being a blogger to more of a content creator.

The description is quite apt. We started off as a blog dedicated to family life and parenting. Nowadays, the website features unique contents that cover a wide range of topics. We do not intend to just bring you similar news but news that matters and articles that would be both relevant and useful to the readers.

If you had been a long time reader, thanks for following us through the years. If you had just discovered us, welcome aboard!

From family events to tech reviews, to travel planner and food reviews, you will find a whole lot of things to discover here at The Wacky Duo. We hope you enjoy your stay with us here!

Don't forget to check out the other bloggers on the list. There are quite a handful of family websites on the list too!


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Varun Sharma said...

Good Piece of content but do you help me out about the digital marketing influences of singapore?