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NDP 2020 Singapore Together Pack : Collection date from July 20

You can collect your NDP Singapore Together Pack from July 20.

The collection will be at community clubs and resident's committee centres and are expected to complete by Aug 2.  We had previously hinted at what's inside the bag. A recent photograph circulating on Whatsapp seems to confirm the items.

You can check your collection point from this website.

Officially, the items in the bag are as listed

1) Reusable Grocery Bag
2) Handheld Flag
3) Face Tattoo
4) Red Filter for Phone Torch
5) Snack and Can Drink
6) State Flag
7) Iron-On Flag
8) Our Heart for Singapore Card
9) Singapore Together Commemorative Magnet
10) Face Mask
11) Thermometer
12) Hand Sanitiser

Leaked Photo

The circulating  photo shown most of the items with a few surprises
1) No State Flag
2) Additional Sanitiser
3) Air+ branded surgical mask (Air+ is a local company known for their N95 Mask)
4) Extra Forever Family Reusable Masks

The items are quite useful for the current pandemic including the masks, sanitiser and thermometer. There is no sign of the bags but from previous reports, there are 20 designs available.

Each household will only receive one bag for collection. If you are one of the 80,000 who had opted out of the pack, please do not collect one as only 80% are made for the whole Singapore and Permanent Residents households.

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