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Pizza Delivery Singapore Review

Are you eating at home instead of heading out due to Covid19?

Ever since Phase 2 had started, there had been reports of Covdi19 cases eating out during their infectious phase. It does pay to be cautious these days, so eating at the comfort of the home is still the preferred choice of many.

Thus when Pizza Delivery approached us to do a review of their Handcrafted Italian Pizza, it is hard to say resist since we do prefer to have a feast at home.

To be honest, the photos on their website sold us before we even ordered. Each Pizza looked so tantalizing and had us yearning for a mouth-watering experience. We had not really ordered from them prior to this and was delighted to know that they had been picked as one of the 12 best pizzas to try in Singapore by Best in Singapore. Unlike conventional pizzas, there are cooked in a stove oven for a more delectable taste and texture.

Photo Credit: Owari Photography

We decided to order not one but four of the pizzas to try. The pizzas are categorised into classic and favourite range. The classic range has familiar names like Hawaiian Pizza while the favourite range includes Seafood pizza and Pork Pepperoni Pizza.

Pizza Delivery

The pizzas come in 3 sizes.
Small- 6 inches (4 slices)
Medium- 9 inches (6 slices)
Large - 12 inches (8 slices)

Our pizzas arrived on time. As we like our pizzas warm, we decided to heat it up before enjoying our feast.

Hawaiian Pizza
Hawaiian Pizza - Pizza Delivery
Hawaiian Pizza is our go-to pizza regardless of where we ordered. This version comes with tender chicken ham slices, juicy chicken breast, capsicum peppers, mozzarella cheese, Italian tomato sauce topped with pineapple chunks. 

It has to be one the prettiest Hawaiian Pizza we had eaten till date. The crust is thin and crispy as we like it. 

Pork Pepperoni Pizza
Pork Pepperoni Pizza - Pizza Delivery
Next up is the Pork Pepperoni Pizza. A generous serving of pork pepperoni on mozzarella cheese, capers and extra virgin olive oil were provided on our medium size pizza. A medium-size pizza is big enough to share with 2.

Seafood Pizza
Seafood Pizza

We decided to add a small Seafood pizza to the mix. With juicy prawns, tuna chunks, fresh tender squids, scallops in Mozarella cheese and extra virgin oil, this would delight the taste bud of seafood lovers. The small size pizza is good to fill one person up.

Chicken Alfredo Pizza
Chicken Alfredo Pizza - Pizza Delivery

Rounding up our pizza selection is the Chicken Alfredo Pizza. With chunky chicken breast, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, capsicum peppers, briny olives, mozzarella cheese in Alfredo cream sauce to tease our tastebuds, this one would be perfect for those who want a myriad of taste dancing in their mouths.

Traditional Pasta
Photo Credit : Owari Photography

Pasta go hand in hand with Pizzas. A pizza feast will not be complete without pasta. Pizza delivery has a selection of 8 different pasta for you to add to your dish.

Seafood Aglio Olio
Seafood Aglio Olio
We chose the Seafood Aglio Olio to complete the meal. It looks as it was presented on the website. A combination of prawns, crayfish, squid, scallops and mussels with sauteed pasta in olive oil, white wine and a hint of spice was served up. Price-wise is reasonable at $22.90. The only improvement that it could make is to replace the prawns with tiger prawns to give it more oomph.

Side Dishes

What's a meal without side dishes? There are 5 sides available and we tried all of it!
All the side dishes are priced at $10.90 per set

Honey Mustard Prawn (6 pieces)

The Honey Mustard Prawns are quite similar to the fried ebi we purchased off the shelf of supermarkets. It's crispy and goes well with the Honey Mustard Prawns provided.

Crispy Chicken Wings (6 pieces)

These crispy chicken wings are seriously crispy. It has a slight spicy tinge that we love. Great with the sauce it comes with too!

Fish Finger ( 6 pieces)

These fish fingers are just alright but they will not be the first side we would recommend from the site.

Beefy Meatballs (8 pieces)

The meatballs are baked in tangy Italian arrabbiata sauce topped with cheddar. While it is not your usual Swedish meatballs, it will satisfy your pang for meatballs.

Mozzarella Cheese Stick (6 pieces)

We loved these cheese sticks. Battered with breadcrumbs and grated parmesan cheese inside, each bite is simply delightful. A perfect side dish to compliment the pizzas.

Get Get any 2 pizzas at 50% off!

As interesting as the side dishes and pasta are, we do think the handcrafted pizzas are the strength of Pizza Delivery. If you were to order from Pizza Delivery, we would recommend going for the pizzas first. 

The good news is that there is a promotion. You can get any 2 pizzas at 50% off for any sizes. That means you can get 2 large pizzas for as low as $29. That is a price that is as affordable if not cheaper than conventional brands.

There is free islandwide delivery for orders above $60. Delivery is available islandwide.
This post is sponsored by Pizza Delivery and Owari Photography. All opinions are of our own.

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