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That's why we can't have nice Things

The weekend is here again. 

Being the last few days of school holidays, there is a likelihood that people would be out this weekend.
Expect to see crowds in malls and outdoors such as beaches and parks. However, do try to avoid crowds if possible. The task force had warned that should it reach capacity, it will be close. Fines would also be given to those who breach safe distancing acts.

While we understand the need to head out and relax or socialise, if we disregard safe distancing measures as a result, we will be asking for consequences. Don't let the saying 'That's why we can't have nice things' define us or make us into a meme.

1) 277 new cases
272 Dorms
3 Community (3 Work Permit)
2 imported

There are no local cases today. Given that it had been 2 weeks since the election. It is safe to say that the 'mass infection' due to an election hyped by some will fortunately not surface.

Dorms cases remain in the 200-300

2) Robinsons, Hillion Mall among places visited by Covid19 cases while infectious.

  • My Briyani House restaurant at Hillion Mall in Bukit Panjang on July 10 between 12pm and 2pm
  • Hillion Mall on July 13 between 2.10pm and 2.55pm
  • Fu Chan Food Paradise coffee shop at 134 Jurong Gateway Road on July 14 between 9am and 9.30am
  • Robinson's department store at Jem mall in Jurong East on July 14 between 12.50pm and 3pm
  • Gandhi Restaurant at 29/31 Chander Road on July 14 between 2.05pm and 3pm

3) New cluster at Bukit Panjang Integrated Transport Hub
This is a new cluster outside of dorms. The first in many weeks.
It was mentioned in one of the press conferences that 40% of Covid19 patients head to work or malls even when they had symptoms!

4) Crowded parks, beaches to be closed when they near capacity limits.

Authorities are also keeping a close watch on popular nightspots. 100 fines were issued over the last weekend to people who infringed safe distancing rules at gardens, parks and nature reserves. 2 F& B Try Again and Los Amigos were suspended and fine.

5) Covid19 vaccine likely to be widely available only at the end of 2021

If you are making plans for year-end holidays, you probably would have to postpone it.

6) $4000 fine for man who poured hand sanitise on life floor to disinfect it.

No words...


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