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Singapore Virtual Runs for 2020 Calender

Singapore residents love running.

For a small island, running seems to be our national past time. During pre Covid19 days, you would have one or two organised mega runs around Marina Bay or at some interesting parts of the city. With the onset of Covid19, these runs were suspended.  Despite this, runners were seen maintaining their form all around the city as running remains one of the approved exercises during Circuit Breakers and beyond.

Thus, it would be hardly surprising that organisers of mega runs had turned to virtual runs to keep up this passion. Virtual runs are runs that you clock on your own pace and time. You can run at any location, either outside or inside on a treadmill. All you have to do is to provide evidence that you have done it. It could be a screenshot of your running app or treadmill screen.

At the completion of the race, you will get your virtual run medals as per normal race. Some of the organisers provide race packs with items such as event tees or facemask. If you love collecting racing medals and running Tshirts, you can do so by participating in the event.

Here is the full list of virtual runs you can participate during this period.


55 K National Day Virtual Run/Walk

Run for National Day. You can run unlimited times on your own before the closing date to qualify.

Organiser:          Canberra & Sembawang CSC
Closing Date:      26 July 2020
Running Dates:  28 Jun to 26 Jul
Distance:             55 KM Culmuative - unlimited runs/walks before the closing date
Fee:                      $10
Entitlement:        Finisher Medal, Face Mask, Mobile Armband

A Mile for a Smile 2020

Run for a cause, support help life-long illness and cancer patients.

Organiser:          Lifeblood
Closing Date:     30 July 2020
Running Dates:  1 Aug to 31 Aug
Distance:            49.6Km
Donation :           $100
Entitlement:      First 100 donors entitled to event Tee

Chicken or Egg Virtual Run and Tik Tok Challenge

Join the run to fee family in rural Chiangmai! Every 2 Signups and "Our Chicken Story Limited' will give a chicken to a family in rural Chiangmai.

Closing Date:       31July 2020
Running Dates:   15 Jun to 31 July
Distance:              1km, 5km, or 10km
To qualify complete: 1) 1/5/10km run or 2) Simply send us your 10-seconds Tik Tok Chicken Challenge video link - Music: The Chicken Song (By the Dancing Chicken) - Any actions/dance - Tag 2 friends to challenge them - Hashtag: #Chickenoregg
Fee:                     Free registration, Donations appreciated.
Entitlement:       Finisher Medal + E Cert

The Reds Virtual Run

This one is for Liverpool fans! 
The race apparel and finisher medal would be collectable items for the fans to celebrate Liverpool EPL win this year!

Closing Date:      31 July 2020
Running Dates:   29 Jun to 31 July
Distance:              1km / 5km/ 10km / Special Distance : 19 Km
Entitlement:         Race Apparel, Finisher Medal, E-Cert, E-Bid, Buff
Fee:                       RM70 for the full package+RM45.5 Shipping & Processing 



Run for Heros 2020

Support the Singapore's healthcare and serve frontlines with this movement to express our appreciation for them.

Closing Date:    8 August
Running dates: 27 May -8 Aug
Distance:          1 km or 1250 steps
Entitlement:    Wristband
Fee:                   $9.50

National Day Run 2020-Sg55 Virtual Run

Celebrate Singapore's Birthday with a run anywhere

Organiser:        PA, Community Sports Club
Closing Date:   9 August
Running Date: 3 July -9 August
Distance :        5.5km / 55km
Fee:                  $10 per pax
Entitlement:     Race Apparel, Finisher Medal

NUS Sports Club Virtual Series 2020

Run Swim Cycle, you can now do it on your own for this race!

Organiser:        NUS
Closing Date:   10 Aug
Running Date: 20 Jun - 10 Aug
Distance :         Run & Swim (Novice): 2.5km Run + 350m Swim 1b. Run & Swim (Advanced): 5km Run + 750m Swim 2a. Run & Cycle (Novice): 1.5km Run + 12km Cycle + 1.5km Run 2b. Run & Cycle (Advanced): 3km Run + 18km Cycle + 3km Run 
Fee:                  $11.90
Entitlement:    Event Pack, E-cert, T Shirt-Medal

The Performance Series 2020 - Island Series

The Performance Series is a series of running races throughout the year around Singapore landmark. This time around, it will be done virtually.

Closing Date:     31 Aug
Running Date:  17 Jul -31 Aug
Distance:           5km/10km / 21km (One-Off)
Entitlement:      Race Apparel Finisher T, Finisher Medal, E Certificate
Fee:                    From $19.90 onwards


HomeTeam NS Real Run Solo (Virtual)

Run with the Home Team!

Closing Date: 4 Sep
Running Date: 24 July -4 Sep
Distance: 5km/15km/24km
Entitlement: 3 Ply Anti Bacterial Facemask with PM 2.5 filter
Fee: $10.90 ( Hometeam NS members) $13.90 ( Public)

Run NUS 2020

Run for a cause, all funds raised will go to beneficiaries.

Organiser:         NUS
Closing Date:    27 Sep
Running Date: 13 July -27 Sep
Distance:          3km / 5km / 10 km
Entitlement:     E Cert, Rack Pack, Medal, Finisher Tee*
*for 10 km participants only
Fee:                 3km/5km - NUS $10.50 / Public $12, 10KM - NUS $16 / Public $18

Skechers Friendship walk 2020

This one you can do with the whole family because it is FREE!

Organiser: Skechers
Closing Date: 20 Sep
Running Date: 7 Sep- 20 Sep
Distance: 3km / 5 km / 10km
Entitlement: Medals and T-Shirt are available for sale from $5.99
Fee: Free

Star Wars Virtual Run

Star War fans would want to get their hands on the Gold Darth Vader Trophy. First, they would need to clock 40 km to qualify!

Closing Date: 29 Sep
Running Dates: 15 June to 30 Sep
Distance: 5.4km / 40km
Entitlement: 3D Engraved Finisher Trophy Light or Dark Side, Gold Darth Vader Trophy for 40Km only
Fee: $25 (5.4km), $40 (40km)

Rail Corridor 

The finisher medal is a stunning cho cho train!

Closing Date:     29 Sep
Running Dates: 17 Jun -29 Sep
Distance;            5km Trail
Entitlement:      Race Apparel, Finisher Medal, E Cert
Fee:                    $24

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