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A tale of Two Cities

Daily Dose: A Tale of Two Cities

With the recent slew of policies to encourage visitors to Singapore, one may be lured to think that the same would apply to Singaporeans who intend to head aboard. Unfortunately, as much as we would like to travel, there are not many countries accepting visitors right now. Even a trip to our neighbour Malaysia seems like a pipe dream. RMCO had been extended till 31 Dec and tourists still ban from the country.

1) 94 new Covid19 Cases

  • 80 Dorm ( 70 Quarantine, 10 Surveillance)
  • 4 community ( 4 SC)
  • 10 Imported (7SC/PR, 1 DP, 1 LTVP, 1 STVP)

58 cases today are residing from Sungei Tengah Lodge. 4500 are on quarantine from that place and 3000 cases tested so far. 10 were detected through bi-weekly routine testing. The latter indicates that there might be more to be quarantine from other dorms.

10 imported cases with 9 from India and 1 from Indonesia. With the increasing number of cases from high-risk countries, it might be time to consider pre swab tests for non SC/PR. It will not be out of the norm as China had done it for her citizens returning from Singapore.

Of the 4 community cases, 1 is unlinked.

Source: MOH

2) Public Library  to resume regular opening hours from Sep 1

Visits will continue to be limited to 30 minutes and two hours for public libraries and the Lee Kong Chian Reference Library respectively.

Capacity remains limited to 50 people per floor and patrons can only borrow and return materials.

Seating and study areas in library premises, including newspaper and multimedia stations, will not be available. All physical programmes, guided tours and events remain suspended.


3) Rising minimum qualifying salary of work pass holders may not be long term solutions, say companies.

Companies said they can live with higher operational costs but questioned whether the policy directions will achieve the desired effect

Those interviewed said the impact on them is quite minimal since they already pay their Employment Pass holders higher than the minimum requirement

Experts are divided on whether MOM’s policy changes would achieve its the objective of getting more Singaporeans hired

A better way is to impose quota or increase the levy. That would address the root of the problem rather than stop-gap measures.

Source: Today

4) 10 People fined for an illegal drinking session at Golden Mile Tower during Phase 1

Wah. private party...

Two of the offenders had been given keys to a shop at Golden Mile Complex

They were meant to carry out water leakage checks there

They decided to use it as an opportunity to meet eight other individuals

They were discovered when the police received an anonymous tip-off

Source: Today

5) Malaysia movement control extended to Dec 31. tourist still not allowed.

For those who are yearning to head north for a weekend trip, you might need to wait longer.

Source: CNA

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