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Budget Home Theatre : 5 Home Projectors for under $300

Staying at home instead of heading out to the cinema?

Although cinemas are opened in Phase 2, with community cases still lurking and the lack of new blockbusters, many are not heading out to the cinema. The next best alternative is to create your own home cinema at home.

In the past, setting up a home cinema can cost upwards of five figures. Today, you could set up your own system at under $300. You just need a blank wall, a comfortable sofa or beanbags and enjoy the cinematic experience in your own home. We source the world to bring you 5 best units you can get for a steal.

LUMOS Auro (The First Choice)
First on the list is LUMOS Auro. We had reviewed this unit and loved it.
Price: $299
Constrast ratio- 4000:1
Display: 1080p native 
Keystone: Digital
Lumens- 6000
Projected screen size- 50inch to 300inch
Speaker: 5W 
Warranty :1 year Local set
Wifi adn bluetooth: NA *
Smart Capability: No *

*To have a complete experience, you might want to consider topping up $99 for the Smart Version that comes with Youtube, Netflix and Kodi build in. The smart version also has wifi and Bluetooth capability. You can cast your iPhone and Android device via apps provided in the smart version.

WZATCO C2 (The Worthy Competitor)

We found this unit with similar specs with LUMOS at a competitive price. The set is avaliable from Aliexpress and comes with international warranty. It is highly recommended with a 4.8/5 review.

Price: $295 (US$210)
Constrast ratio- 5000:1
Display: 1080p native , support 4K
Keystone: Digital
Lumens- 6800
Projected screen size- 40inch to 200inch
Speaker: 10W x 2
Warranty :2 Year International
Wifi and Bluetooth : NA *
Smart Capability: Not

*You could upgrade it to the Smart Version that comes with Android 9 with 64GB for you to load games and apps at USD 249 ($336). The Smart Version also comes with WiFi.

Get the Wzatco C2 here! 


If you looking to take a projector in your pocket, the Alston C6 Mini is the one to go for. It fits into the palm of your hand. The 2GB 16GB version should be sufficient to handle most apps. The base version come with Wifi, Bluetooth and IOS / Android mirroring apps.

Price: $272 (US$194.25) 
Constrast ratio- 2000:1
Display: 854 x 480
Keystone: Digital
Lumens- 2000
Projected screen size- 30inch to 150inch
Speaker: 5W
Warranty :2 Year International
Wifi * Blutooth: Yes
Smart Capability: Yes

Get it here

DR. J Professional H1-04 4500K Mini Projector (The Affordable Choice)

If you looking for a decent mid-range projector, the DR J Professional would be one to consider. It also includes a 100inch screen in the package, making it an affordable deal.

Price: $195 (US$139.99)
Contrast ratio- 3800:1
Display: 1280 x 780
Keystone: Manual 
Lumens- 4500
Projected screen size- 32inch to 170 inch
Speaker: 5W
Warranty :NA
Wifi: NA

Jinhoo Projector (Value for money)

Price: $210 (US$149.99) 
Contrast ratio- 3800:1
Display: 1280 x 780 ( 1920 x 1080p supported)
Keystone: Manual 
Lumens- 4500
Projected screen size- 32inch to 176 inch
Speaker: Yes
Warranty  3 years after sales promise
Wifi: Yes

Turning your home to a home cinema used to be a dream of many due to the costs. With these projectors, it is an affordable option that is even cheaper than a 55 inch TV set. If you are planning to get your TV set, do consider projectors as alternative!

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