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Smart Ways to Recycle Your Old Clothes


Life would be much better if our favourite clothes could last forever. 

Unfortunately, over time, the fabric gets worn out, making the precious garments washed out and old-looking.

Sometimes the reason we want to throw away clothes is different - we simply get bored with them or "have no special occasion" to wear such outfits, which is the most common excuse of every impulsive shopper. However, instead of throwing your clothes into the back of your wardrobe, you can give them another life!

Did you know that only around 15% of unwanted clothes are actually being recycled? And did you know that the fashion industry is currently considered one of the world's biggest polluters? That's why it's essential to dispose of old clothing properly and mitigate environmental effects.

There are many smart ways to bring your old clothes back to life. Below, we listed helpful tips on how to recycle stuff you don't wear anymore.

Turn It into Something New

The fashion industry is endless with its creativity and originality. When shopping, you're empowered with unlimited choices, patterns, and combinations. You can fully customize your piece of clothing, just like Levi's Jeans does, for instance. Moreover, you can design what you wear, Tee Junction can tell you about it.

There are millions of different styles and trends. Before giving up your clothes, double-check if they can be reused somehow. The internet is an endless source of inspiration. Take a sneak peek at fashion bloggers and DIY websites. Maybe some ideas will inspire you to create a new outfit from your worn-out garments.

What's more, redesigning your old outfit into a new one is a big step towards uniqueness. This way, you will be original, instead of looking like a clone of every other girl wearing clothes from Zara.

Donate to Charity Organizations

The best thing you can do with your clothing is to give them to those in a serious need. There are plenty of charity places where you can donate your stuff. Look for local non-profit organizations and ask if you can help. For example, spots like  Dress for Success, Back on my Feet or Salvation Army, support these, who need a new fresh start.

You can find many organizations that help extremely poor, such as the famous Red Cross. Most of them include a wishlist with the things they currently need the most. Donating your old shoes and clothes is such a simple gesture, and yet, very helpful.

Sell in Vintage Stores

If your clothing is still in good condition, you can check local vintage stores and try to sell it. Thrift stores are based on second-hand stuff. Instead of trashing things you don't wear, let somebody else buy them and make extra money from it! It's hard to sell everything in the vintage store, that's why many such businesses recycle the stuff that wasn't sold.

Check If You Can Recycle Them

If your clothes' condition is so bad that you can't give them away, check if they can be composed! Depending on the fabric, clothing made of cotton or any other natural fibres meets composing requirements. As long as the fibres are not synthetic, like polyester, you can do that. However, before you start, you should cut your clothing into small pieces and remove any attachments, such as buttons, patches, sequins, zippers, etc.

Swap Clothes with Your Friends

One of the most entertaining ways of (smart) getting rid of your clothes is making a swap party! Invite your girlfriends with few pieces of clothing they no longer wear, prepare some snacks and tasty drinks, and start the swapping party! You can fit and match, give advice to each other, make a competition of the best outfit, and simply decorate some of your favourite pieces. It's a great way to exchange clothes and spend quality time with your beloved friends!


Drop Them at the Big Stores

Some of the fashion chain stores that are aware of the pollution problem offer a fair exchange in their physical shops. Companies like H&M, The North Face, or Levi Strauss & Co are willing to take your old clothes and reward you for it with a discount. Some businesses' programs assume collecting old denim garments and sending them to green companies where the gears turn into housing insulation.


Turn Them into Rags

If there is no way to save your old clothes, you can also use them by turning them into the cleaning rags. Take your old cotton tees and cut them into small pieces. You will get rid of the dust and save some money on cleaning equipment.


The Bottom Line

There are so many smart ways to recycle your old clothes. Most of them bring out mutual benefits. You no longer litter your room with unwanted wardrobe; you can support charity organizations and people in need, highly contribute to the environment condition, and play with fashion by creating unique outfits. There is nothing to lose but a lot to gain, so why not give it a shot?


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