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Floral Garage Liquor Bouquet Review


Fancy a bouquet of flowers for Dads?

When Floral Garage made the proposal to us, we were a little sceptical. How would a bouquet of flowers appeal to Dads?

Our fears dissipated the moment the bouquet arrived. Instead of a 'normal bouquet' with the flowers as the main highlight, it was bottles of miniature liquors that cause Dad's eyes to lit up. Nested in the bouquet of seasonal greens were 7 bottles that caused a wide grin. Before you think Dad is a closet alcoholic, he is not. He just likes to collect the bottles ( if you can believe it!)

The bouquet itself is similar in size to a bouquet of a half a dozen roses. We reckon that this mini liquor bouquet would suit mom and dad just fine. Mom was delighted with the greens while dad was more interested in the bottles. It's a win-win bouquet if you are getting it for occasions like housewarming, birthdays or special occasions.

There are 2 variants available from Floral Garage. They are the Jingled that comes with 5 bottles ( $98.80) and the Symposium that comes with 7 bottles ( $118.90). The one that is shown here is the Symposium.

Included in the bouquet are the following miniature bottles
  • Absolut Apeach
  • Absolut Vanilla
  • Grant's Whisky
  • JB Rare Whisky
  • Johnny Walker Red Label
  • Smirnoff Vodka
  • Monkey Shoulder

We reckon that giving liquor bouquet to men and even women could be a growing trend going forward. Unlike roses, this bouquet can be enjoyed by the receiver and giver- the best of both worlds.

Floral Garage Singapore offers beautiful and fresh flowers without burning a hole in your pocket. Free same-day delivery if you are looking for last-minute gifts!

TWD was provided a bouquet for the purpose of this review. All opinions are of our own.

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