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Cow Play Cow Moo @ Tampines Mall Review


Cow Play Cow Moo opens another arcade in the heartlands.

This is the 6 CPCM outlet in Singapore, making it one of the more established ticketed arcade in Singapore. The other outlets are as follow

  • Suntec City ( Flagship)
  • Downtown East
  • Thomson Plaza
  • King Albert Park
  • Arcade Planet Suntec City

Cow Play Cow Moo Tampines Mall is NOT the latest store. It was soft-launched in Jan this year and was closed due to circuit breaker thereafter. The newest store at Thomson Plaza was opened in July. Nonetheless, it still warrants a visit since we are arcade fans!

Claw Machines

One thing that we liked about CPCM is the selection of authentic toys from Japan. Their claw machines are usually filled with such toys. To be honest, their claw machines are much harder to play and require a higher skill set compared to Play United.

The key to winning... patience and lots of tokens!

Arcade Games

Fans of CPCM would know that the main draw of it would be the ticketed arcade games. CPCM has one of the wider variety of arcade games. At Tampines Mall, familiar arcades like Space Invaders and Zombie Ticket Machines are here.

Unlike the flagship stores, they do not have bigger games like Big Sweet Land, but they do have smaller versions for those who likes ticket pusher games.

Winning at arcades requires some practise and luck. Once you get into the grove, winning can be additictive! 
Peral Fishery

CPCM Tampines Mall is probably a quarter of the size of the Flagship store. Nonetheless, it is not as crowded and great for those who prefer a more intimate arcade experience.

Prize Area

Another draw of CPCM would be the attractive prize area that are filled with authentic merchandise.

As the toys are original, the tickets needed to redeeem them are also much higher compared to other arcade outlets.

Choose from your favourite figure characters from movies...

to useful electronic goods from well known brands such as Karcher, Mayer, Dyson and Mistral.

If you are visiting, look out for their Mid-Autumn Festival promotions. Buy in bulk and keep for future visit if you can't finish it in one day. It is more worth it than dropping $10 per token change.

Cow Play Cow Moo @ TM

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