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Travel: Nightmares or Opportunities


Daily Dose: Nightmares or Opportunities?

STA Travel winds up in Singapore. With travel looking like a distant dream, this could be the start of travel agencies closing shop.  As travel curtails, other groups such as pilots are affected too. Travelling is beginning to look like a nightmare.

In a post Covid19 world, there will be opportunities to reshape travel.  here will be those who can think of new ways to travel. For those who dare to venture, rewards could be tremendous as everything starts from zero. Who will emerge as a winner after this is over?

1) 15 new community cases

  • 7 Dorms (4 Quarantine, 3 Surveillance)
  • 2 Community ( 1 Quarantine, 1 Surveillance)
  • 6 Imported (1 PR, 2 Work Pass, 1 Work Permit, 1 Dependant Pass)

The cases in dorms fell to a low of 7 cases. No new clusters reported

After 4 days of zero community cases, 2 community cases emerge. Both are Work Permit Holders

 Of the 6 imported cases, 4 are fro India. With the pre-test requirements that started last week for non-SC and PR, this should be reduced by next week.

Source: MOH

2) Singapore Residents can report new address via e-service from Oct

Previously, you need to do it at Neighbourhood Police Post (NPP), Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC) or the ICA building.

A new initiative will help save some time

Source: CNA

3) One sees his flying dream cut short, other SIA pilots become delivery drivers, retire early

While most of the stories are unfortunate, one man stood out from the report.

The 50-year-old pilot who declined to be named has been with the airline for 27 years. He told TODAY that he is cash-strapped because the money he has earned during the span of his career has been invested in properties, stocks and bonds.

On average, he used to earn S$23,000 a month compared with S$13,000 these days.

“My monthly expenses add up to over S$19,000 a month and it’s not the right time to give up my stocks and bonds and sell my properties because I’ll get nothing. I’ll get a second job, I’ll sell my clothes if I have to,” he said.

To earn 23K and spend 19K a month is scary. There is hardly any buffer there. In any case, a 'downgrade' of $23K to $13K is not that bad considering the circumstances. Compared to other pilots interviewed, they are more grounded. 

Source: Today

4) Tour agency STA Travel to wind up

It stopped operating on Sept 9, after its parent company based in Switzerland filed for insolvency in August.  682 customers who are listed as creditors for sums possibly going up to $84,088.

Travel is a foreign word these days. Expect to see more agency affected.

Source: ST

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