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6 Tips That Will Prepare Your Young Child for School and Learning


Do you have a child ready for school?

Starting school for kids can be quite challenging. As a parent, you understand that they are starting a new phase in their development. It's hard to let go of your child, and you might question whether they have attained the right age, or whether they will meet with bullies or life long friends. It's an emotional moment since both you and your kid feel sad and excited at the same time. However, preparing your child doesn't have to be a challenging and emotional affair. With these six tips, you will effectively manage to prepare your young child for school and learning. 

Feel Free to Express Your Feelings

As earlier stated, joining pre-school is an adventure for your kid, and it’s normal if both of you have mixed feelings about joining the school. Your child will probably be anxious; therefore, give them room to express their feelings. Learn to accept that they fear meeting strangers and learn to accept changes in behavior that your kid might portray. Most kids often regress in one area as they develop in another area. Your kid will likely become less independent, or they might regress in potty training, but with proper support, they learn to overcome their fears. 

Organize a Pre-Visit to the School

It would be great to familiarize your kid with the school environment weeks before they join. Organize a pre-visit to the school and take your kid around drinking fountains, toilets, playgrounds, and classrooms. It would also help if you explained the school rules to your kid and let them know that you will drop them off and pick them daily. Your kid should get used to their class teacher in advance and if they are in an early childhood centre, make sure you attend the school's transition program. 

Take Your kid to a Daycare Centre

Kids need to learn a basic school layout well in advance, and a daycare centre can be the ideal place that introduces them to a school environment. Your child will get special classes, get to view the auditorium, playgrounds, cafeteria, and they get to interact with the school nurse. The professionals from Early Learning Children's Academy say that they will get the highest level of care and commitment that's suited to early education and development if you enrol them immediately. Besides, most daycare centres have websites, and with it, you can learn about test dates, upcoming school events such as trips, get school contact information, and the school calendar.  

Rehearse With Your Child

It's essential to train your kid some self-help skills such as hand washing, dressing, and undressing. Kids need to be self-reliant, and it will boost their confidence in the days leading to admission. Also, take the initiative and train your kid to wake up early. When school starts, they will have learned to wake up early and catch the school van. Assume that it's a school day, and help your kid run errands in preparation for the days to come. 

Teach Your Kid Organizational Skills 

Kids will remain focused when they are correctly organized. Get your child a homework folder and an assignment book, then teach them to manage projects, homework, and class tools in the folders. Assuming that you have trained your kid on how to paint, you can inspect their assignment book every day and check whether they have placed their class tools in order. It would also help if you had a special been where you can put graded assignments and projects. Before they join the school, please speak to your son or daughter, and encourage them to organize their school desk to prevent losing items.

Change your Schedule

Starting school is a great challenge for kids, and they need all the support around this time. As they experience the few days of school, make gradual changes in your work routine to ensure that you are there for them. Create a peaceful environment at home and always remain calm to avoid stressing your child. Share family meals, reduce media content, and ensure that your child goes to bed early. Train your kid to spend more time indoors and offer them a healthy breakfast. By showing consistency, your kids will find the transition from home to school to be easy.

Joining school is a nightmare for both kids and parents, but your kid has to learn regardless. Although both of you might be hesitant at first, these six tips will help you prepare your child for school. There might be challenges during the transition, but always remember that you are looking after your kid's best interest. 

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