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Sofitel Sentosa Staycation : Prestige Family Room Review


We had to go for a staycation.

After spending months at home with our wings clipped from overseas travel, we decided to look for a staycation destination. Finding rooms for 3 adults and 1 child was somewhat challenging with a teen and a younger kid in tow.

Most of the hotels that are currently open for staycations do not have family rooms. The standard option for 3 adults and 1 child was to book 2 rooms. There are hotels with suites and villas that cater to 4 in a room. However, most cost an arm and leg.

The Lobby
That is until we found Sofitel Sentosa and Spa.

Sofitel Sentosa

Sofitel Sentosa is a French-inspired resort-style hotel in Sentosa. Nested near Tanjong Beach, it is away from the main attractions in Sentosa. While the destination may not be convenient for those who drive, we found it perfect as the experience felt like an overseas resort holiday.


Check-in procedures took a little longer than usual due to Covid19 measures. At the same time, at half of total capacity, it was a pleasant wait without crowds hovering. The impressive chandelier greeted us at the entrance. 

Main Pond

There is a lounge area where you can sit and watch the world goes by. In the past, there were little fish in the pond next to it for a fish spa experience. Unfortunately, most fish had been removed, so the fish spa disappeared.


As we proceeded to the room, we walked through the long corridors surrounded by lush fauna, open spaces, and ponds. It felt like we were at Club Med rather than Sentosa.

Long Corridor

Prestige Family Room
There are a wide variety of rooms at Sofitel. From Luxury Room for 2 to Suites for families and even standalone Villas, Sofitel Sentosa & Spa offers accommodation to suit all budgets. We managed to snag the 72m² Prestige Family Room that allows up to 4 in a room.

Inside Prestige Family Room
Upon entrance to the room, there is a small foyer. On one side, you have the spacious ' living room' and on the other, a bedroom with a King-Size Bed. 

Living room
Step into the living room, and you will be greeted by a 3 seater that converts to a sofa bed for 2 in the evening. 

Sofa Bed at Sofitel Prestige Room

There is a writing desk, a rocking chair, an additional eating table, shelves of decor and an attached bathroom. There is a 47-inch LED Smart TV in the room as well.

Working Desk

We like how the decor resembles a luxury living room lifted off home decor magazines' pages. 

Coffee Station
It also comes with a coffee/tea-making station.

Fruits Platter
The Fruit Platter provided at check-in is a nice touch.

The attached bathroom comes with its own bathtub, shower and toilet. 

With Covid19, the amenities were packed in individual packs for one-time use. 


Moving to the bedroom,  the King-size MyBed greets you. The Bed itself is very comfortable due to the mattress topper on it. 

Ample cupboard space with a built-in security box has more than sufficient space for our 2 nights stay.

King Size Bed
As for the view, we have a partially open view of the resort. As this is a low-rise development, the greenery differs from the usual city view on the mainland.

View from the Room

At the Resort

Breakfast is provided daily. Instead of a buffet breakfast, you can order a la carte from a prepared menu. Breakfast is served at  Kwee Zeen.
The Cliff
If you prefer a view, The Cliff is the other restaurant on site for lunch and dinner.
View from the Cliff

The main attraction for us would be the Swimming Pool. Bookings are needed before you head to the pool.
The pool itself is big. However, it is pretty deep  (more than 2 meters). Thankfully, they have a more swallower area for kids. There is a divider to separate the deep area from the more shallow area.

Rest and Relax
Occasionally, you can meet the local residents around the compound.

Local Residents

For those who want to work out, there is a gym there as well
Gym @ Sofitel
There are Kids Club and a spa on-site with an adult-only private pool. We had not been there during this visit due to time constraints, but it would be worth a visit for those who want total indulgence.

Around the Resort
Pathway to Beach
The resort is quite secluded. However, it can access Tanjong Beach by trotting down the 132 steps near the pool. 
132 steps
Access to the beach is also limited now due to Covid19 measures.
Tanjong Beach
For other meals, you can consider heading to  Sentosa Cove Quayside Isle. The idyllic surroundings, peppered with yachts and huge houses, make for a fantasy getaway. This is how Rich and Famous would dine, except that we managed to find decent Thai food to enjoy the cool breeze of the harbour.


Final Thoughts
It was a surprisingly pleasant and refreshing stay at Sofitel. Away from the hustle and bustle of the mainland and even Sentosa, we felt like we were overseas for a few days; we had stayed there.
Villa Du Jardin
If we had the cash, we would have splashed on the standalone villa we spotted. Nonetheless, if you are travelling in a family of four and want a getaway from Singapore you are familiar with, Sofitel Sentosa and Spa is an excellent resort to experience.

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