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Travel Bubble to Hong Kong - All you need to know


Soon you will be able to travel to HK.

Singapore's first two-way air bubble was announced yesterday. Prior to this, unilateral air travel was issued for short term visitors from Australia ( except Victoria State), Brunie, New Zealand and Vietnam. So effectively, if proceed, HK will be the first country to receive Singapore Residents for holidays.

Here is what you can expect

Pre Travel

  • Standardised testing required before departure and upon arrival for visitors.
  • Test are at the travellers own expense ( approximate $186 per test)
  • Dedicated flights that do not accept transit passengers.
  • Flights to be raised or lowered depending on the pandemic situations in both countries.
  • Prices of flight yet to be released. Expect a premium due to possible high demand.
At the location
  • Travel between the two locations without quarantine.
  • 1-2 days of isolation while waiting for test results.
  • Travellers can move freely without a predetermined itinerary.
  • Scheduled to take effect in a few weeks.
  • Travel bubble may change or suspend in the event of a rebound in Covid19 infection. 
  • Anyone who has lived 14 days in either country regardless of age and nationality will be eligible to travel.  The exception is foreign workers living in dorms in Singapore as requested by HK.

This will be the first travel bubble for Singapore. 

If you intend to take this offer, best be quick to make a booking for the flights. With pend up demand, limited options and a school holiday coming up, it will sure to sell out fast.

Hong Kong may not be a very big city, but there are attractive attractions such as Disneyland and Ocean Park, Ngong Ping for the kids. Shopping and Dim Sum would be great for the adults too.

If you are looking for activities to do in HK, check out our HK 5 days Itinerary and Activities for Kids in HK

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