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How to Shop Around for a Quality Vacuum Cleaner

It's time for spring cleaning.

Maintaining the cleanliness in the home isn’t the most enjoyable part of moving out of your mom’s basement or owning your first home. Unless you plan on saving up those crumbs for a snack or turning all that pet dander into a fur coat, then it’s highly recommended that you consider getting a high caliber vacuum that suits your needs. 

This type of cleaning equipment can be expensive, and it’s something you shouldn’t have to purchase more than a couple of times in a lifetime. Here are a handful of things you should give some thought to when shopping for a vacuum cleaner so that you don’t wind up making the wrong purchase.

Select a Suitable Type for Your Needs

It might surprise you how many types of vacuums there are, so make sure you select one that suits your particular needs for the kind of home you live in. Upright, bag vacuums tend to perform deep cleaning the best on the carpet. However, dragging around a 15-20 pound machine up and downstairs and in and out of large bedrooms can be a hassle and a time-waster. 

Central vacuums are a solution to this problem. The gurus at can fill you in on the best options for a central vacuum system so that you’re not going into the buying process blind. With a central vacuum, you’ll be able to have your whole house vacuumed in no time and won’t have to empty a bag every time. 

Canister vacuums run a close race with the age-old, upright vacuum, as they can clean all the things a bagged vacuum can’t. Use this baby on drapes, stairs, hardwood floors, and your carpet, too. They won’t disappoint as far as the cleaning job goes, but they’re just as annoying to carry around as their bag vacuum brethren. 

The stick vacuum is great for those who have hurricanes in velcro shoes, also known as children, scurrying around the house. These are featherweight and can do all the things a bagged vacuum can do, but operate faster when your little household storms are raging. Note that they are not as powerful and cannot stand-in for the bag vacuum but rather provide a more agile option for everyday messes.  

If you live in a smaller space, like a studio apartment, or you only need something to tidy your office with, then you may just need a handheld vacuum. These light, handheld machines are tiny enough to be kept in a desk drawer and will be easy to manoeuvre in those tough to reach areas. 

Another contender for closed in spaces would be the robotic vacuum that is so cool and hip that you’ll actually be excited to clean. By clicking a button on your smartphone, you could be on your way home from the office while this handy, new-age appliance cleans up behind you. Be aware that neither of these miniature vacuums is high-powered and will not execute deep-cleaning jobs. But of course, there are also heavy-duty robot vacuums if you need a deeper clean. They're not that easy to find, though, so we recommend reputable providers like the Robot Cleaner Store.

Figure Out the Features

Decide what features you need in your new vacuum by looking around your house at all the different areas and items that need attention. A vacuum actually has many unique purposes, so be considerate of what you primarily need one for. Shag carpet will definitely require the option for turning off the beater bars, as their long fibres would otherwise get caught in them. There are even vacuums that can automatically adjust to the pile-height of your carpet. 

Noise Level

Not all vacuums are created equal, and some of them might be too noisy to bear. So, give it a listen before buying. Canister vacuums are generally quieter. Depending on how much deep cleaning your carpet requires, you might have to deal with a lot of noise for a high-powered appliance. 

Find the Right Price

Big-name brands offer deals throughout the year, not just around the holidays. Check around your local appliance stores, and don’t forget to check their websites for items they may not have in stock but could order for you. There are also some stores that will price match, so keep a record of the prices you find and print out their promotion to show a store manager for price matching. 

By evaluating what necessities your space requires, you can easily figure out the type of machine you need. There’s no need to pay the big bucks for basic features, and you shouldn’t have to pay over-the-top prices when the options are infinite. Consider the aforementioned, and you should have no problem finding the perfect vacuum. 

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