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The best home technology to invest in during lockdown

Home is where the heart is...

Or at least the saying goes, and so particularly now during lockdown, where we are spending an increasing amount of time within the same four walls, you should have a house that you’re proud of and want to spend time in.

It’s important to have the setup that allows you to properly get the job done (when working from home), and the technology that can help you to be efficient in everything you do around the home, from waking up in the morning to relaxing and entertaining guests (if allowed!). Want some inspiration for giving your home a bit of a makeover? Here are some examples of the best home technology to invest in during lockdown.

A proper work-from-home setup

Government advice (in some countries) currently is to work from home where possible, and so it’s important that you have a competent bit of kit that allows you to complete your work as efficiently as you would when sat at your desk in the office. If you’re not able to take your workstation home with you and set it up properly, this means investing in a speedy computer and some other supplies such as a printer/scanner etc.

Aside from the typical computer stuff that you might need, having a decent office chair or something similar is imperative. Sure, making do with your kitchen furniture or sitting on the couch is enough to make do for a couple of weeks, but if you’re working from home for the long haul like many people around the world at the moment, you’re going to need something proper to ensure you can sit comfortably and get the job done without causing your back unnecessary pain.

Smart lighting

Smart LED lighting is a great way of adding an extra dynamic into your home while saving money in the process. With the potential to be automated, turning on and off on its own at certain times throughout the day, it can make your life that little bit easier while saving a little bit of money on electricity usage. It’s not a lot, but it can add up over time when used in conjunction with another smart home tech. Ultimately, that’s the aim of this growing technology: To make your life easier in little ways here and there.

If living with restricted space, such as an apartment, for example, and don’t necessarily have the room to move furniture around and experiment, colour-changing LED lighting can be a nice solution for changing up the vibe of your home in a pinch. Devices such as the Phillips Hue range connect to the Wi-Fi in your home and can be controlled directly through your smartphone.

Tip – Living with reduced space during a lockdown? Take a look at leading property developments in big cities to get an idea of how they make the most of floor space, with technology interlaced and modern furnishings/interior design. Parliament Square, for example, a flagship Liverpool development from RWinvest, features state-of-the-art, minimalist interiors, allowing those living within to maximise their productivity without compromise.

Home security

It’s important to feel safe and secure within your home, and so having the right security systems in place can put your mind at ease and is a priority for many. 

Smart home security has grown massively in recent years, not only becoming much simpler to set up and maintain throughout the home, but also getting cheaper in price, too. If you wanted to install CCTV systems in your home to monitor the goings-on, for example, gone are the days of having to set up wires throughout the house, and export footage onto cumbersome videotapes or disks. With wireless cameras such as the Arlo range, you can again use a downloadable smartphone app in order to connect to your camera from wherever you like, even remotely.

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