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The latest news to hit the wire was a guest testing positive on a cruise to nowhere. The Royal Caribbean cruise slanted for a 4 days trip to nowhere was abruptly turned back on Day 3 due to a suspected Covid19 case on board.

It is rather surprising given that all passengers are supposed to have taken an antigen rapid test prior to boarding with results within an hour. However, this guest was only tested positive for Covid19 while on board. This is a blow to the cruise industry, Will this single case deal a death blow or will it be treated as an isolated case. As for the remaining guests, do they need to be quarantined? 

Given that guests will be issued trace together token, it remains to be seen if the token would be useful in this scenario. This is possibly the best time to test the effectiveness of this technology. All eyes will be on what will be done when the cruise returns to Singapore this morning.

1)  12 Covid19 cases

12 Imported

0 community case

12 cases were from UK, India, Indonesia, Myanmar and Qatar. 

Source: MOH

2) A passenger on Royal Caribbean Cruise tests positive for Covid19, Cruise to return to Singapore

Base on the itinerary, this was supposed to be a 4D3N cruise starting on Dec 7. That means it was less than 48 hours when the passenger got tested positive. The question would be how it was not picked up during preboarding and if the passenger has shown any symptoms prior to boarding without a declaration.

Other than stating close contacts are tested negative, there is no other information about the passenger. Despite that, close contact, as well as those in contact via trace together app, should be quarantine when they land in Singapore.

Source: CNA

3) 3 Bars and Pubs to reopen for 2 months under nightlife sector pilot

Bell Bar, Skinny's Lounge, Bar Kiharu will be opening this week. Actually, if you look around, some of the bars which have food licenses have already opened, so this is not something new. 

Source: ST

4 Singapore to host World Economic Forum in May next year

This is a coup as the event is usually held in Switzerland. Would the borders be open by May 2021?

Source: ST

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