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BenQ GW2780T and ScreenBar LED Monitor Light : Perfect for your Home Office


Still, working from home?

If you are working from home and only have your 14-inch laptop with you, it is time to consider an upgrade. You do not need to change your computer. Instead, just get another monitor ( the larger the better) and you would have effectively double your productivity.

There are many monitors out there in the market. You could opt for a basic display unit or consider one that has bells and whistles with one or two hidden tricks. Last year, we reviewed the BenQ GW2480T that is perfect for kids with its  Eye Care Technology. This time round we will review the bigger brother, the BenQ GW2780T that would be perfect for parents working from home.

BenQ GW2780T

Why the 27-inch screen?

24 vs 27 Inch BENQ
Admittedly, getting older means your eyesight will start deteriorating. For most adults after 40, losing focus near vision, called presbyopia, is a common occurrence. It would be hardly surprising that you would be reading this post with reading glasses if you fit into the age group. Having a 27-inch screen means you would have more real estate, making it easier on your eye in the long run.

On that note, even if you have a child at home, a 27 inch would be great if space allowed. More real estate means a lesser strain on the eyes so it is perfect for students too!

Eye Care Technology
Eye Care Technology

Like its smaller sibling, the BenQ GW2780T is laden with Eye care technology that will benefit the older folks too. There is the exclusive Brightness Intelligence Technology that automatically adjusts the monitor's brightness according to ambient light. Additionally, Low Blue Light Technology filter out harmful blue light to provide better sleep quality if you are using it at night. 

Great for WFH

For working adults who are in front of the computer for long hours, Flicker-Free Technology will help ease eye fatigue. Lastly, Colour Weakness Mode will give a better perception of Natural Colour by offering filters for red colour deficiency and green colour deficiency.

Bells and Whistles
Portrait Mode
The BenQ GW 2780T FHD IPS Panel is great for wide viewing. Additionally, it comes with a few additional features. 

The Portrait mode is something that most Monitors cannot do. That itself is like buying 2 different monitors for the price of one. With Portrait Mode, it makes reading easier and viewing of Instagram Stories much easier.
Source: BenQ

The height, as well as the tilt, is adjustable too. This would allow one to share the monitor with kids easily as it can be adjusted due to the smooth mechanism. Height is adjustable by up to 140 mm with a tilt angle of between -5 to 35 degree.

Lastly, having sound is a major plus. The Build-in Speaker of 1W x 2 is much louder than the laptop speakers. This is a plus especially when it comes to using apps like Zoom for Work From Home.

Connection wise is via HDMI, DisplayPort and D-Sub for various connectivity to laptops and other devices.

Stylish Design
Simple and Elegant
The BenQ GW 2780T may not win any award for design, but it is stylish in its own rights.  With the thin bezel, you will get a nifty package that does not take up much real estate for its size. The Monitor is lightweight and it's easy to move around with the handle on top. 

Handle for carrying

ScreenBar LED Monitor Light

Complimenting the Monitor is the ScreenBar LED Monitor Light ( Purchase Separately)  

The Screen Bar is a standalone light that can replace the table lamp It has auto-dimming lights that will provide lights that will not cause glare on the screen compared to traditional table lamps. Light is essential for eye care especially if one is working on the computer for long hours and through the night.


As it sits on top of the screen, you can save space as well as removing the clutter.

The Screenbar is equipped with a sensor that detects the surrounding brightest and will illuminate to 500 lux for comfortable reading. For someone who is working out of the bedroom, having this screen bar is a godsend. The coverage the area is about 35cm x 74 cm which is sufficient to cover most workstation.

The good thing about the BenQ screen bar is that it can be easily fixed to most monitors with its patented design. Powe is via a USB connector that you can connect to your laptop of a standalone power adapter. The colours are adjustable with a range of warm white (2700K) to Cool Light ( 6500K) 

The Benq GW 2780T is priced at $339 while the BenQ Screen Bar is priced at $159. Watch out for special promotions for 12.12. The units will be going for a special price on that date.

For those working from home or parents who wants to pamper your child a little more, do add these items in your cart on 12.12!

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TWD was provided with a set of monitor and soundbar for the purpose of this review. All Opinions are of our own.

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