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Phase 3 : Will in come before Christmas?


Daily Dose: The Wait for Phase 3

Phase 3 seems like a certainty 2 weeks ago when Singapore has a streak of 15 cases without a local transmission of Covid19. Now, it may not be even implemented before Christmas. The main reason will be the take-up rate being less than 70 % required. 

The other reason would be compliance with the current restriction. Generally, Singapore residents are compliant save for black sheep that hold big events or secretly flout the law with hosting of large group in restaurants. Nonetheless, it takes 2 hands to clap. For the most part, the nation has been disciplined since Circuit Breaker, let's just ride these few weeks and hopefully things could ease by Christmas.

1) 13 Covid19 cases

13 imported, no local cases

There are 13 imported cases from Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Myanmar and Bangladesh. The good news is that no local cases are detected.

Source: MOH

2)  Phase 3 unlikely by end of the year unless more use Trace Together

The take-up rate is at 50% vs the required 70%. If that number is not met, Phase 3 will not be introduced. At this rate, there may not be family Christmas celebrations if the number of people social gathering remains at 5.

Source: ST

3) 2nd Tranche of Budget 2020 grocery vouchers to be home delivered to 150,000 Singaporeans

As a result of theft for the first batch, the delivery methods have changed

Source: Today

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