McDonald's Happy Meal Toy December 2020 : We Dare Bears


We Dare Bears arrived at McDonald's in Dec.

Starting from Dec 10, McDonald's will be giving a We Dare Bears toy for every Happy Meal Purchase. There is a total of 8 figures to collect during this period.

Here is what you can expect

10-16 Dec:   Ice Bear's Log Ride / Pan Pan's Scooter

17 - 23 Dec : Pan Pan's Backpack Laptop / Grizz's Skateboard

24-30 Dec : Grizz's Tent / Pan Pan's Watercraft

31 Dec - 6 Jan : Ice Bear's Vacuum / Nom Nom and the Bear Stack

Instead of toys, you could also opt for the book series. There will be a new book during this period. Treetop Twins Wilderness Adventures written by Cressia Cowell, the English children author who is well known for her book ' How to Train a Dragon.

Get your We Dare Bear figures and Treetop Twins book from Dec 10!

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