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Why you should choose a Disposable Mask by Marvel Medical ?

Would you wear a cloth mask or a disposable one? 

By now, you should be wearing a mask whenever you are out. However, many are still divided if they should get a disposable mask or a cloth mask.

Disposable vs Cloth Mask

While there are those who would choose a cloth mask for economic reason, wearing a disposal mask would be more hygiene. This is because there will be people who do not wash their cloth masks after wear and that invites bacteria and virus to their system because of the used mask. 

Wearing a cloth mask also means you need to wash it daily and can be quite cumbersome in the long run. A disposable mask is often more comfortable to breathe in than a cloth mask. Lastly, a cloth mask would still need to be replaced as the effectiveness wears off after several washes. Most would ignore this and continue to wear a cloth mask that would not. 

Marvel Medical Mask: Why choose it?

Made in Singapore Masks

Marvel Medical Mask is a local Mask Supplier. Unlike masks with dubious origins, Marvel Medical aims to provide masks that had undergone rigorous quality control and hygiene maintenance. Using premium materials, these masks are of much better quality than what you get from bargain shops selling masks that are not proven to protect against Covid19.

The fact that the masks are made in Singapore would give some assurance as quality control is well established locally. Marvel Medical Masks are top quality with each mask weighing 30 grams or more in comparison with the low quality imported masks at 20grams. 

Made in Singapore

Each mask is also individually packed to ensure sanity. Since it is a local company, you can expect to receive your orders in 3 days or less.

What Masks are available?

There are 3 different range of Masks from Marvel Medical. You have the Everyday Basic Range, the Daily Premium Range and the True Comfort Range.  You also get to shop for their limited print editions such as their Christmas Masks when you purchased over $70 from the website.

Everyday Basic 

The basic surgical masks for all occasion. No more plain blue or white masks, this mask is available in 5 colours ( Red, Green, Grey, Black, Pink)  to suit any outfits you are wearing. The masks are available in Single Colour or a mix of all colours. Prices range from $24 to $26 per box. Each box comes with 30 face masks. Order the Everyday Basic Vibrante Disposable Earloop Mask ( $26) if you want one of every colour.

Comes in 6 different colours

The Disposable Masks are rated 99.98% filter efficiency and would be useful against harmful chemicals, bacteria, virus and dust. They are all medical graded with 3 ply protection.  The Basic colour also comes with earloop or headloop options. Headloop masks are great for those who are wearing masks for long hours as it does not put a strain on the ear. It is hypoallergenic too, making it great for those with sensitive skin.

To add to its quality control, each mask has an ear loop of precisely 16.5cm which is the optimal size for comfort for most people.

Nose Ridge Padding

We tried out the masks and was impressed with how soft and comfortable to wear. There was no itchiness and the masks fit well on the face. The materials used were thick and not paper-like compared to other masks. The individual packaging also gives us confidence in the quality of theses masks. 

We particularly like the comfortable nose ridge that has a soft padding that sits well on the nose. It is much more comfortable than most cloth masks out there.

Daily Premium

The Daily Premium Range features the Anti-Fog capabilities which are suitable for those with glasses. It also comes in either earloop or headloop Masks. Prices start from $24 for this range.

True Comfort

The True Comfort range adds a little more luxury to a normal medical mask. The mask is extremely soft and comfortable and made of a softer material than the regular range. The masks are white in colour.

True Comfort

True Comfort mask comes with a Mask Storage case and Mask Card folder together with 5 pieces of True Comfort masks. Each retail for $12.80. It is a very convenient package that would be useful for individuals or families who need more masks on the go.

Comes with Mask Storage Case and MAsk Card Folder

You can also add the Mask Extension Chain ($4) to your order for more comfort while wearing a surgical mask. We tried it and it is more comfortable with it on.

Mask Extension Chain

Limited Edition Christmask

There is also a special Limited Edition Christmask featuring Christmas art on the masks.

 They come in 2 series with Artsy Masks going for $4 per piece and Cutesy Masks for $3 per piece. 

You can check out the full designs at Marvel Medical Website.

12.12 Deals and more!

12.12. Promo

Given the recent unlinked community cases, it is best to stay protected with good quality masks. If you want to get the masks, head down to their website and enjoy a hefty discount of up to 35%. From Dec 12 to Dec 14, you can enjoy the following discounts.

Everyday Basic Masks (Regular Medical Masks) - 25% off

All other products - 10% off

For readers of The Wacky Duo, use the discount code wackyduox10 and you can get an additional 10% off. That is a total of up to 35% off. Effectively, this means that one box of medical-grade masks will only cost from $16.20!

It is also heart-warming to know that Marvel Medical gives back to the society where 12% of website sales will go to a selected non-profit organisation- Nam Ho Welfare Society. Nam Hong is a welfare society providing free TCM and funeral services to the elderly in need. 

With this added charity, Marvel Medical deserves our support. You can get your masks at this link.

Christmas Promo

There is an additional promotion for Christmask Series. Purchase $70 worth of products and get 5 of these masks for free! (While Stock Last)

Source: Marvel Medical

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