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Fantastic Places Where You Can See How Beautiful the Earth Is


Travelling may be a dream for now, but we do hope we can do it soon.

They say that a change is as good as a rest. It’s common for people to see foreign locations on television and to think about their next holiday. This world is packed with diversity; from its history to its culture, its diet to its scenery. 

There’s no denying the fact that this planet hosts some stunning locations. When people think of compiling a bucket list it can be easy to write down scores of different places to visit. This article sets out just a few of these, and provides reasons why they are well worth considering. 

Destin, Florida 

Anyone who has visited Florida will understand why it is known as the ‘Sunshine State’. People come for fishing tours, sunset cruises and opportunities for water sports. 

Destin is a prime location. According to the travel experts at multitudes are lured by the white sandy beaches and emerald green water. They want to eat quality food at seafood restaurants and to spend their days on challenging golf courses. When it comes to natural beauty, one of the highlights is the spectacular views of the Gulf. 

New Zealand

The beauty of New Zealand has endured for millenia. Both modern and Maori cultures are combined here. Visitors are able to see mountain areas and sunny beaches, and glaciers and fjords.

Visitors to Kaikoura come to enjoy the seafood. Lovers of all things aquatic enjoy seeing the sperm whales, dolphins and seals. The Coromandel Peninsula provides stunning beaches and coastal views. 

The Abel Tasman National Park is a very distinctive location. No vehicles are allowed in the area, making it perfect for the world of hiking. People arrive on foot or by boat or aeroplane. In addition to enjoying the mountainous terrain, hikers are able to spot a wide range of birds including penguins. 


Anyone who visits South Africa has to visit the two major cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town. Lovers of nature may head over to the Greater Kruger National Park.

People from many nations visit Africa to specifically go on safari. They may stay in humble tents or luxury cabins, but during the day they will be exposed to nature at its best. When tourists visit national parks and reserves they have the opportunity to spot wild lions and to view groups of hippos in the water. 

Safari trips to the mountains go in search of wild gorillas, and areas of open space reveal the migrations of large numbers of wildebeest. 


Situated in the north of the United Kingdom, the weather can be cold and rainy. Anyone who comes will not be disappointed, however. There is a rich history and culture to be found here. There are 300 castles to be found in Aberdeenshire alone. Imagine a place with over 4,000 miles of remote coastline, featuring long sea lochs and many small islands besides. 

Alcohol drinkers will enjoy a visit to Islay, where malt whiskey is distilled. Train lovers can take scenic trips, such as those beginning from Glasgow. Alternatively, they can come onboard at Inverness and enjoy the beautiful views across the Scottish highlands. 

Crete, Greece

Anyone who considers Greece may think of such features as sunny beaches, blue water, ancient monuments and feta cheese. There’s loads to see on the island of Crete, and it is big enough that visitors can escape the tourists to do their own exploring.

Visitors to Balos can see the lagoon whilst trips to Agia Roumeli will discover areas of natural black sand. White mountains can be seen in the central area. People can also visit the Samaria Gorge (the longest one in Europe) and the Imbros Gorge. Speaking of Europe, there is only one palm forest here - and it’s in Vai, Crete. 

Niagara Falls, Canada

This area is literally a natural wonder of the world. Tourists are able to go right to the edge of the falls. They can become immersed in the mist and be deafened by the powerful roar of the waters above. Visitors can also add to their unforgettable experience by paying for a helicopter ride over the area. 

Several boat trips are available. Every year people can be seen going down the Niagara River or crossing the rapids on the way to the Niagara Lake. 

It’s not all ‘water, water’ here, though. There is a nearby city, featuring luxury hotels. People can also enjoy the region’s food and drink, and its vibrant nightlife. 

This truly is a beautiful planet, and the destinations we have discussed are but the tip of the iceberg. Anyone who visits such places will return with memories enough to last a lifetime. 

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