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Positive or Negative

Daily Dose : Positive or Negative

It can be both. A False Positive is a Negative and it looks like yesterday's positive Covid19 case onboard the Quantum of the Sea may turn out to be a negative one after 2 subsequent tests when disembarked does not show any indication of Covid19.

If that is the case, the Covid19 test kit used at sea would need to be reviewed to check for reliability. That one case could easily bring down the dedicate bid to aid the cruise and tourism industry in Singapore. Nonetheless, at least we learn about protocols when things happen and at the same time remind ourselves that the virus could still be out there. 

A Positive Lesson Learned.

1) 6 Imported Cases, No new local cases

6 imported cases reported. Imported cases outnumbered local cases in these recent weeks. Given the constant numbers, is there anything else that could be done for such cases. It will be good to know how visitors would be transported to hotels or residents for SHN and what is the passage from the arrival gate to transportation. Given the numbers, these information would be useful in case one has relatives or friends planning a visit or return to home.

The cases reported are from Indonesia and India and consist of Singapore, PR and Work Permit holders.

Source: MOH


2) 83-year-old cruise passenger tests negative twice for Covid19 after an initial positive result

The original sample was retested and came back negative twice. There will be a retest today. Did the test kit on board gave a false positive. If so, there is a need to check the test kits used for reliability. Consideration is also to be given for 2 tests to be conducted to confirm a case.

Source: CNA


3) Family Outing turns to tragedy for father found dead in waters off Sister's Islands Marine Park

41 year old Singaporean found dead after going missing when he looked for a good spot to swim, snorkel and see corals. His body was pulled out of the water 2 days later.

Source: ST


4) Ikea to end print catalogue after 70 years

2021 catalogue released in October will be the last. Given that everyone is going digital, this is a good way to save trees.

Source: ST


5) COE close to the highest level for 2021

Pandemic? Wha Pandemic?

COE close higher across the board for all categories to the highest in 2021.

Cat A: $40714 ( up from $37690)

Cat B : $45 012 ( up from $41101)

Open Cat: $45510 ( Up from $41503)

Source: ST


6) Made in Singapore Marvel Medical Mask on sale for 12.12

Masks are still necessary items that one has to carry around. If you are looking for masks, Marvel Medical Mask are on sale. These are top graded medical masks made in Singapore. 

Source: TWD


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