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The Animal Resort will be closed on 10 Jan 2021

 The Animal Resort will be closing down.

After 2 decades, it will cease to exist after 10 Jan 2021. The reason for this was the inability to meet Nparks requirements to renew for another 2 years.

The Animal Resort is the closest to an Animal Farm in Singapore. It is a good start for the young ones who have not been to farms overseas. Compared to the famed farms of Perth, Australia, it may not be as big or have a wide variety of animals. Nonetheless, it does make a fun visit for families, especially since it is probably the only animal farm where you can see a variety of animals ( outside of the zoo)

The farm is still open. Visit to the farm are still possible via reservations. You can read about our experiences of the farm here. If you have not been there before, we highly recommend a visit before it closes!

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