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Are You Ready?

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Daily Dose: Are You Ready?

For the 8th straight days, we have detected community cases in Singapore. This time around, 1 out of 4 was unlinked to previous cases, while the other 3 is linked to a new cluster at BS Industrial & Constriction. This is the 3rd cluster identified within a week!

While Phase 3 had kicked off, it this persist, be prepared for a rollback of policies if necessary. Another handful of clusters or a dozen more new cases would be red flags that one should not ignore. Some countries such as Australia closed the city for a few days after only 1 case was detected. While Taiwan cancelled a major CNY event with 4 cases reported.

Another observation was that there are those with symptoms that choose not to seek treatment bit continued to work and interact with the community. While this is the norm in 2019, it is not 2019 anymore with Covid19. If we continue to have such cases, expect more cases to come from different sources.

Last but not least, Covid19 is not the only threat in town. The emergence of 2 clusters of Tuberculosis consisting of 18 people who visit Singapore Pools just showed that threats are everywhere.

Stay vigilant, stay safe.

1) 40 Covid19 cases

  • 36 Imported
  • 4 Local cases

Interestingly the 1 unlink local cases were tested positive for past infection with serology test results positive. Ironically, not all serology tests were included in the tally ( for eg, the 100,000+ cases in dorms). However, this was included as a local transmission instead of a past transmission.

As for the 36 cases, the breakdown as follows

  • 1 (Case 59459) is a Singaporean and 1 (Case 59458) is a Singapore Permanent Resident who returned from Canada and India respectively.
  • 1 (Case 59469) is a Dependant’s Pass holder who arrived from India.
  • 1 (Case 59439) is a Long-Term Visit Pass holder who arrived from India.
  • 4 (Cases 59434, 59443, 59466 and 59467) are Student’s Pass holders who arrived from India, Indonesia, the UAE and Slovak Republic.
  • 4 (Cases 59436, 59437, 59438 and 59463) are Work Pass holders who arrived from India and Ireland.
  • 20 are Work Permit holders who arrived from Bangladesh, India, Indonesia and Myanmar, of whom 7 (Cases 59447, 59451, 59452, 59453, 59454, 59462 and 59464) are foreign domestic workers.
  • 4 (Cases 59446, 59470, 59471 and 59472) are Short-Term Visit Pass holders. Cases 59471 and 59472 arrived from India to visit their Singaporean relatives, and Cases 59446 and 59470 arrived from Myanmar and the US for work assignments in Singapore
Source: MOH

2 Tuberculosis screening to be carried out for Singapore Pools Betting Centre

TB is a serious infectious disease that affects the lungs. It is highly contagious if not treated. 18 cases were diagnosed between July 2018 and October last year. Patrons who visited the Bedok center from Feb 12 to March 25 last year will be contacted for screening.

Source: ST

3 Dahlia Dreams is back at Flower Dome

Dahlia Dreams is back at Flower Dome. Check out the flowers here

Source: TWD

4 A Friendlier US?

New President Joe Biden is sworn into office. It will be less chatter on Twitter and hopefully more work on the Covid19 situation in the US

Source: ST

5 52 people probed for breaching Covi19 measures by holding parties in Sin Ming industrial building

2 separate incidents at the same unit. 40 for the first time and 13 for the other. The operator is a 24-year-old man. What happened to once bitten, twice shy?

This one must be punished.

Source: ST

6 New Covid19 Cluster formed after 3 cases linked to sales employee at BS Industrial & Construction Supply.

This is the 3rd cluster in 8 days. Among those in the cluster, were 2 cases with symptoms but did not seek medical help. Instead, they continue to report for work!

More to come?

Source: CNA

7 17 places added to the list of places visited by infectious Covid19 cases.

This includes Raffles City Shopping centre and National Musem of Singapore

Source: CNA

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