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Dahlia Dreams @ Flower Dome 2021 Review

Dahlia Dreams are back for Chinese New Year.

Last year, we visited the Flower Dome for Dahlia Dreams, we are back once again to check out the 2020 edition.

We will celebrate the year of the Metal Ox on Feb 12. To soak in the atmosphere, the floral exhibition at GBTB is usually the one we look most forward to. 

The ox is considered an animal of strength that is associated with harvest and fertility. With 2020 being a year we would like to put on the back burner, the arrival of the Ox year signal a time for rebuilding.

Metal Ox

Look out for the pair golden Oxen on the centre of the Flower Bed display. Since this is the year of the Metal Ox, the Golden Oxen is befitting of the display.


Dahlia Dreams

Dahlia has been the highlight of Flower Dome during CNY. Interestingly, Dahlia are plants native to Mexico and Central American. It was even declared as the National Flower of Mexico in 1963. We are not sure what is the association between Dahlia and CNY, but for this year, the Dahlia that are on display is entirely grown in Singapore.

With 2000 Dahlias of mixed variety, it will take you a while to admire them up close.

Beautiful Dahlia

Lantern Globe

Right in the centre of the Flower bed is a 200 red lanterns globe. 

200 Lanterns

We were there in the morning so we could not see the full light up. If you are there in the evening, the glow will make it a pretty sight.

The Obligatory Selfie

Legend of Nain and Lion Dance

Lion Dance at Flower Dome

The lion dance is associated with the Legend of Nian. Nian is a bestial creature who terrorised villages in China. On the eve of Lunar New Year, it will come and destroy the fields. Over time, it was discovered that Nian feared noises, bright lights and the colour red. The villagers model a creature out of bamboo and paper, beat drums and set off firecrackers. 

Legend of Nian

Thus Lion Dance is said to be the modern form of the creature that the villagers modelled. Since Lion Dance will be only at selected venues for this coming CNY due to Covid19, having 8 majestic lions on the Flower Bed is an imposing sight.

Lion Dance

Chinese Zodiac Animals

There are panels of 12 Zodiac Animals on display. According to legend, these 12 animals completed in a race organised by the Jade Emperor. The rat managed to beat the ox by jumping on the ox during river crossing and jumped out of the latter's ear near the finishing line to reach the Jade Emperor first. You could say the rat stole the race from the Ox!

Year of the Ox

Chinese Pavilion


A Chinese pavilion is a structure without walls. This year's pavilion is clad in Red and Green. Red is for good fortune and joy while green represents vigour and longevity.

Dahlia Dreams

This year's edition is muted compared to 2020. Most of the decorations are on the Flower Bed. Given the circumstances due to Covid19, we are just glad that there is still some effort made for CNY.

Dahlia Dreams will be at the Flower Dome from Jan 15 to Feb 21

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