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OTF Aquarium Review : Biggest Stingray Farm in Singapore?

 Fancy getting a Stingray as a pet?

Covid19 had turned many into hobbyist. Some turned new hobbies such as baking, while others turn to fitness routines or even hikes around Singapore. There will also be those that would get a pet such as a dog or even stingrays.

While we are not getting any stingrays now, the idea did linger in mind. Many did not know that Stingrays can be kept as pets in Singapore, as long as their welfare is taken care of. While Stingrays can be retail, you would probably not see them at your neighbourhood aquarium. Instead, you would have to head to a fish farm in Singapore to get them.

Not all fish farm has stingray. Most of the fish farms deal with ornament fishes such as koi or goldfish as their mainstay. Upon research, we found out that OTF could become possibly the largest Stingray farmer in Singapore. A visit to their farm will show you why.

OTF Aquarium

The farm is located at Pasir Ris Farmway 3. Pasir Ris Farmway is well known for the now-defunct Animal Farm. While most of the roads were close for redevelopment, we were pleasantly surprised that OTF Aquarium was not affected.

OTF aquarium is a specialist breeder and exporter of Asian Arowana, Fresh Water Stingrays and Topical fishes. The area is divided into a few zones housed in warehouse-style buildings.

The Retail Shop and Tropical Fishes

The first building you entered would be the retail shop selling aquarium and pond accessories.

Step inside, and you would be greeted by rows of tanks housing tropical fishes. 

We saw a selection of Goldfishes, bettas and even crabs.

Deeper inside, you can spot some Stingrays, including the Black Diamond Stingray - a status symbol that matches Arowana.

There is also an outdoor section at this building. We even spotted a meter long Stingray swimming leisurely outdoors.

Stingrays and Arowanas

Initially, we thought that this was it at the farm. That is until we saw another warehouse down the road.

Unlike the other open-air warehouse. This warehouse is air-conditioned. There is a reason too. This is the space where they put up their range of stingrays for sale.

From Black Diamond that cause $1000+ to hybrids that are more affordable from $138 for one, you most probably can find what you want if you are looking for a stingray.  More of the rays here are pups. Small rays that you can rear at home.

At the side of the building is a 'For Sale' area. Here the bigger rays and several impressive Arowanas are for sale. 

The rays are big, but prices are palatable, ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

We spotted a few large Arowanas there too. 

The Arowanas range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars for Super Red Arowanas

At the side of the warehouses are several mud ponds. We assume the Arowanas and Stingrays are bred there.

If you are looking to get Stingrays as pets, OTF aquarium should be one of the first stops for exploring. Given the redevelopment in Pasir Ris Farmway, there is no indication how long this place will be around, so visit it while you still can!

PSA:  Getting a pet is a long term commitment. Stingrays like dogs, require regular care and maintenance. Only get one if you are committed to it!

OTF Aquarium
63 Pasir Ris Farmway 3
Singapore 518233

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