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Star War Idenitities Review : 7 things not to be missed

May the Force be with You

From Jan 30 to Jul 13, The Force will be in Singapore as Artscience Museum and Prior Pro combine their forces to bring you STAR WARS identities. Singapore is billed as the final stop of this exhibition final global tour destination. The next time you get your chance to see it in person will be when it makes its final stop at Lucas Museum of Narrative Arts.

We took a sneak peek at the exhibition and these are 7 things you should not miss if you are a Star Wars Fan.

Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition

1 Boba Fett and the Storm Troopers Replicas

Army of One

Say what you will, Boba Fett and Strom Troopers are iconic in the Star Wars Franchise. Many kids during the heydays would have preferred either of these to the Rebellion Forces as part of their toy collection. See them in their lifesize replicas at the exhibit.

Boba Fett and Stormtroppers

2 Early rendition of Favourite Star Wars Characters

Early Jar Jar Binks

From Master Yoga to the quirky Jar Jar Binks, see how they had evolved to their iconic appearances in the movie.

Interestingly, the image of Yoga started off as something resembling a gnome. We are just glad that they went for something green instead.

Do you know that Luke Skywalker was initially envisioned as a girl? They decided to twin him with Princess Leia after a few drafts!

You can check out the character development along with other interesting facts at selected individual character booth.


The Emperor

3 These are not the Droids you are looking for

Star Wars was released in 1977 where droids do not exist ( except in the movies). Despite that, the creativity of George Lucas brought out several types of the droid in the movie. From Cp3o to R2D2 to BB8, everyone has their favourite droid.

The life-size replica of the Droids will surely delight many fans. 

Look for the iconic painting of Cp30 and R2D2 in their early form. You would appreciate how much they had evolved when filming starts.

4 Ships of Star Wars

Other than the characters of Star Wars, the space ships in Star Wars are also recognised by fans. 

Millennium Falcon

The one that needs no introduction will be the Millennium Falcon. Check out other ships such as Imperial Star Destroyer, X-Wing, Tie Fighter and the iconic Slave 1.

Slave 1

5 Yoga and Darth Vader


See fan favourites Yoga and Darth Vader. One is an ancient teacher of the force while the other is everyone's favourite villain. 

These are life-size replicas from the movie sets.

Come face to face with the Dark Side and see if you can resist the pull.

The Jedis at the Light side will do battle with the Dark Side to protect you.

6 Star Wars Movie Replicas

Original Star Wars Replicas are on display.

Apart from the earlier mentioned props and pictures, there are plenty more to explore.

See Jabba the Hutt in all his miniature glory and his piercing eyes.

The infamous scene of Jabba the Hutt and Princess Leia is on display..

 Carbonite Frozen Han Solo will send chills to Star Wars Fans spine

Carbonite Hans Solo

Original costumes from the First Star Wars including the 2m+ tall Chewbacca is here too.

There is plenty to see and drool over, so take your time to explore.

7 Create your own Star Wars Identity

Last but not least, there is an interactive segment where you get to create and improvise your Star Wars Character throughout the exhibition. Embark on a customised, interactive quest to gain insights into the Star Wars Character and in the process discover your own Star Wars Character at the end of the exhibition. Each guest will be issued a wrist tag where you would use it for these interactive segments. 

Whether you are a casual Star Wars fan or a serious GEEK, you would appreciate this exhibition. Prepare to spend at least 2 hours here to discover the history behind Star War and appreciate the creativity and genius behind its creation.

Be a part of Star Wars Universe

Do make a pit stop at the gift shop before you left. There are lots of Star Wars merchandise that would make any fans go gaga!

Check out our vide sneak peek here.

Star Wars Identities 
Singapore ArtScience Museum 
30 Jan to 13 June
Star Wars Identities:The Exhibition

Adults - $32 ($25 Singapore Residents)
Concession - $24 ($20 Singapore Residents)
Family package - 2 Adults and 2 Kids - $90 ( $80 Singapore residents)
For more information, check out the website here.

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