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The Purest Co Review : Quality Bird's Nest and Snow Hashima

Looking for that perfect CNY gift?

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Other than the traditional gifts of Bag Kwa and Abalone to your elders, you should add Bird's Nest and Snow Hashima in the list since 身体健康 and 龙马精神 are traditional CNY greetings when you meet them. The Purest Co bring the best of nature's secret sauce to health to the world. 

Bird's Nest or Hashima - What's the Difference?
Bird's Nest

To put it bluntly, Bird's Nest is made from saliva secretion of Swiftlets, while Hashima is the fallopian tubes of snow frogs! While it may sound a tad intimidating, both ingredients are said to be good for skin and lungs. Bird's Nest can also help clear phlegm and aid digestion while Hashima is said to be beneficial for better memory and a stronger immune system. 

The Purest Co
The Purest Co

While you can get both in raw form, it is best to leave it to the experts like The Purest Co to concoct and deliver them in ready to drink formats. Their approach to making quality birdnest is simple, to have 9g dry weight of bird's nest in every bottle. Using high quality produce sourced from reputable suppliers, their aim is to recreate traditional fragrant recipes using 4 to 5 ingredients. These premium ingredients include Bird's Nest, Wolfberries, American Ginseng and even Premium Rosebuds from Europe.

Types of Bird Nest and Hashima

There are different types and grades of Bird Nest and Snow Hashima that you could choose from The Purest Co. 

Here is a sampling of what they are offering.

Bird's Nest with Wolfberries and Pandan ($209 for 150g x 4)
Purest Co-Products

The flagship Bird's Nest recipe that has been passed down from generation. The Chinese Wolfberries is finished with the natural fragrance of Pandancce Leaves. This recipe is good for working women, new mothers in post-natal recovery and people with illness or injury. 

Benefits include anti-ageing, boosting energy levels, improve appetite, reduce headache and a source of antioxidants.

Golden Grade Cave Nest with Rock Sugar ($279 for 150g x 4 bottles)
Bird's Nest

This is a Chinese New Year exclusive recipe that is limited to 88 sets only. The Golden Grade Cave Bird uses all-natural ingredients and is suitable for all ages including children and seniors. It contains more minerals when comparing to ordinary farm bird's nest while retaining the benefits of birdnest.

Snow Hashima ($138 150g x 4 bottles)
Snow Hashima

The Snow Hashima tonics by The Purest Co is made of premium, hand cleaned Hashima. Its the fragrant scent is cooked with recipes passed down from generations. There are two variants, Snow Hashima with Red Dates and Snow Hashima with American Ginseng.

The benefits of Red Dates are that it contains high levels of Vitamin C, antioxidants and adaptogens that would like to replenish and nourish blood for circulation, improves sleep issues like insomnia and disturb sleep. It is great for reducing stress and anxiety due to its calming effects.

American Ginseng is well known for its amino acids, peptide and vitamins content. If you are tired and need to improve energy levels, it is the one to take. It also supports a healthy immune system and promotes vitality.

While both the Bird's Nest and Snow Hashima looked the same, the Snow Hashima is much lower in price.

If you are undecided which product to choose, you can select their Bird's Nest Signature Flavours that comes with Wolfberries Pandan, American Ginseng and Rock Sugar, Rose and Rock Sugar and Classic Rock Sugar. You could even opt for a subscription and save on purchases.

Bird's Nest CNY Gift Set ($79 75g X 6 Bottles)
The Purest Co CNY Gift Set

If you are looking to gift the blessings of health for CNY, This value for money, Bird's Nest CNY Gift Set is a worthy contender. Priced at only $79, it comes with 3 variants - Rose & Rock Sugar, Classic Rock Sugar and American Ginseng and Rock Sugar. It comes packed in a sleek white box with the Bird's Nest well presented in the box.

I had a taste of the American Ginseng and Rock Sugar. It does not taste too sweet and perfect to relive heatiness and fatigue. It is a well deserved treat after a hard day's work!

The Purest Co Bird's Nest and Snow Hashima are only available online. Free delivery of the product in Singapore. Do check out their Lunar New Year's special and get a gift for your love ones or pamper yourself!

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