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Daily Dose: Reunion Dinner

With CNY coming in a week's time, many will take this weekend to enjoy a reunion dinner. In the meantime, do be mindful of the new rules for this CNY period. This includes only 8 visitors per household per day and no shouting of auspicious verses during the Yusheng Toss ( You probably can do that in the comforts of your own home, but not in a restaurant.

If you are having reunion dinner at home and do not want to join in the crowds at the Supermarket or Wet markets, consider catering instead. We have a list of caterers that would suit every occasion and budget for CNY. 

Whatever you do, do stay safe and have a good weekend ahead!

CNY Covid19 Rules

Caters for CNY

1) 22 Covid19 Cases

22 Imported

 3 (Cases 59946, 59949 and 59953) are Singaporeans and 2 (Cases 59947 and 59951) are Singapore Permanent Residents who returned from India, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.
• 2 (Cases 59955 and 59959) are Dependant’s Pass holders who arrived from Germany and Japan.
• 4 (Cases 59937, 59941, 59948 and 59960) are Work Pass holders who arrived from Indonesia, Nigeria and the UAE.
• 8 are Work Permit holders who arrived from Bangladesh, Indonesia and Malaysia, of whom 6 (Cases 59942, 59945, 59956, 59957, 59961 and 59962) are foreign domestic workers.
• 3 (Cases 59939, 59943 and 59944) are Short-Term Visit Pass holders. Case 59939 arrived from Indonesia for a job placement. Cases 59943 and 59944 arrived from Indonesia to visit their family members who are Singaporeans or Singapore Permanent Residents.

2) All schools suspend outdoor activities with high elements after ACS boy's death

All schools have suspended outdoor activities involving high elements with immediate effect, following the death of a student who fell during a high-element activity at Safra Yishun on Wednesday. 

Our condolences to the family

Source: ST

3) BTO flats in Queenstown, Jurong East to go on sale for the first time in decade in August.

The one in Queenstown will be highly sought after.

Source: ST

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