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Where to sell your used clothes, electronics, furnitures and other items in Singapore?

 So it's CNY Spring Cleaning season.

This is the period where some normal folks will turn into Marie Kond and start decluttering the home.

Soon, many will find themselves under a mountain of old clothes, toys and other stuff. While some are pure trash and deserve to be bin, others might be still in pretty good condition. Instead of disposing of them, you may want to consider recycling them instead. If you want to get some Ang Pow money while recycling, here are seven places you can do it.

1 Carousell

Carousell is a great platform to sell your used stuff. Price to sell and you would usually get the deal done. Pricing it just slightly cheaper would probably mean the item will not be move at this platform. If you really want to sell it as soon as possible, give it an irresistible deal.

If you are feeling charitable, you could even bless your items on the platform

2 Cash Converters

Like what the name implied, bring your items down to Cash Converters to convert it to cash. Since they are resellers and need to make a profit, you probably will not get the best bang for your bucks. However, if you want the item to disappear from your house before CNY, this would be the best place to do so.

3 Cash for Trash

Source: Jurong-Clementi Town Council

You could bring your recyclables to the Cash for Trash stations and cash is given in exchange for recyclables. For more information on the rebate, you can contact your public Waste Collector. Currently, Cash for Trash is operated by Veolia and Jurong -Clementi Town Council  

Indicative prices for items as follows

  • Metal tins: $0.1 / kg
  • Paper : $0.1/kg
  • Carboard : $0.05/kg
  • Clothes / fabrics : $0.2/kg
  • Electronics: On-Spot Valuation

4 Facebook Marketplace

FB MarketPlace is another place you can list your items for sale. It's not as organised as Carousell but it is still an option to list your items. To list your items, take a photo, go to news feed, click Marketplace and list it.

5 Gumtree

Gumtress is a free online classified ads. You list the itmes for free on the website. Interested buyers will drop you a message via the website to arrange for viewing or purchase.

You can list your items here

6  Hock Siong & Co

If you have vintage style furnitures in fairly good condition, you might want to give Hock Siong & Co a call. They specialise in restoring class furniture and decorations. They would prefer to get thing in bulk rather than single piece item.

You can contact them here

7 PC Dreams / Reebelo 

Trade-in pre-owned/demo/display and refurbished laptops and other portable electronic devices such as smartphone and tablets at PC Dreams or Reebelo

You can get a quote before you head down to sell your item.

Bless your Stuff

Alternatively, you can consider donating instead of selling your items. Place like SGFreecycle.org and Pass it On are great places to bless your items. 

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