Chicken McCrispy is coming to McDonald's on 1st July


Move over McWings, there is a new chick in town!

McDonald's Chicken McCrispy will hit Mcd Singapore on 1 July 2021, 11am. Unlike the BTS meal, where all you get is a change in packaging, this is an entirely new range and it will be permanently added to McDonald's menu.

McDonald's promise this new mildly spicy chunks of chicken thigh and drumstick will be Crispy, Juicy and Tender. With a unique preparation process and cooking precision, it means that the moisture will be retained, making eery bite juicy and tender.

Here is the lineup for the new Chicken McCrispy.

Chicken Mccrispy 

6 pcs Chicken with 3 thighs and 3 drumsticks (From $18.10)

Credit : McDonald's Singapore

Chicken McCrispy Value Bundle

6pcs chicken with 2 Medium Fries and 2 small Coke

Credit : McDonald's Singapore

Chicken McCrispy (2 pc) Extra Value Meal

 comes with Medium Fries and Small Coke (From $8.4)
Credit: McDonald's Singapore

Mark your calenders, these meals will be available from 1 July ,1 11 am.

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