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D-link Compact Full HD Camera Reviews : DCS-6101LH vs DCS-6501LH


D-link has just launched 2 new Wi-Fi Camera.

If you are working from home and could not be with your child to monitor them, getting a security camera would be a good option. Given the low prices of these security cameras, it may be worth considering getting one.

D-link has recently launched 2 new compact Wi-Fi cameras. Compared with the past offerings, these 2 units have a smaller footprint. Moreover, both units cost less than $50 each!

We review each unit to see which one would be more suitable for you.

D-link DCS 6101H

D-link DCS-6101LH

The DCS-6101LH is a fixed position camera that gives you Full HD 1080 video.

View from DCS 6101LH

It comes with a wide-angle 110 degrees Field of view. So with that wide-angle, if you place it in the corner of a room, you would be able to monitor the entire room.

Night view

There is also an IR night vision that gives up to 5m. For most houses, this would be sufficient to let you see in total darkness. Additionally, it comes with sound and motion detection and adds a defence line to your home surveillance. 

DCS-8830 LH vs DCS-6101LH


As mentioned, this is a compact model; compared to the DCS-8830 LH, which we reviewed last year, this model is considerably smaller. It is hardly noticeable if you position it with other items.

Spot the camera

Compact and subtle in design, it has a dimension of 104 X 61 X 28mm.

Small but practical

Setting up the DCS-6101LH is easy. Simply download the mydlink app, scan the QR code, and it will be linked to your network in less than 1 minute. 

Once connected to the myD-Link app, you will be able to monitor your devices via the app. It will also be automatically connected to Google Assistance or Alexa. You can use either to operate your devices, such as turning on and off privacy in demand. 

What's in the box


DCS 6501

If you are looking for a higher-end Wi-Fi camera with a little more option, the Compact DCS-6501LH should be on your list.

Full HD with auto-track motion.

Similar to DCS-6101LH, it has a full HD 1080p resolution. It adds an additional pan and tilt function that allows the user to move the lens to a specific area when needed. With auto-track motion, this lens would follow a moving object while it is within the tracking area. You can even have a 360-degree view if you place it in the middle of the room.

View from DCS6501

Like the smaller sibling, it comes with 5M IR night vision, enhanced sound and motion detection. 

Additionally, it includes a built-in microphone and speaker for 2-way communication. If you are getting a unit to monitor the child, this function would be useful in monitoring and communicating. 

Additionally, the unit comes with a microSD card slot for you to backup videos. Alternatively, you can also use the D-link Cloud recording to record any movement detection.

Old model vs the new DCS 6501

Compared to the older D-Link pan and tilt cameras, the D-link DCS-6501LH shed some size and look leaner. 

We noted that both units come with an AC Adapter instead of a plug that is native to the unit. This means that should you have existing units, you can plug them into the current units and use these AC adapters for other uses, such as charging a phone.

Which one is suitable for you?

Which one to choose?

Should you get the DCS-6101LH or the DCS-6501LH?

We reckoned that the additional features of the DCS-6501LH warrants consideration. The price difference is only $10. With the slight price increase, you will get more bang for your buck, given the pan and tilt model features.

Additionally, the app comes with added security such as Two-Factor Authentication and Sign in with Face ID to ensure that there will not be any unwanted prying eyes into your home.

Moreover, if you are new to D-Link, you can also enjoy complimentary mydlink cloud recording of up to 3 devices for a day. If you want to link up to more cameras or have storage for a longer period, you can consider subscription plans that start from only $2.49 per month.

The D-link DCS-6101LH retails for $39, and the DCS-6501LH retails for $49 .

You can get the units at the following links



TWD was provided with a unit for this review

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