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LEGO Advent Calenders : Avengers , Star Wars, Harry Potter, Friends , City Reveal


Anyone still collecting LEGOs?

LEGO Advent Calendars are a hit with collectors. Part of the reason is the unique Minifigures that comes with it. AAdvent calendar is a special calendar used to count the days of Advent in anticipation of Christmas.

These Advent Calendars Initially, LEGO only provide the CITY range for advent calendars. With the license to produce iconic themes such as Star Wars, it has since released more versions of the Advent Calenders.


LEGO Avengers Avent Calender

The set includes a festive Tony Stark minifig, a Cool looking Spiderman, Thor with a scarf, Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Nick Fury and even a mini Thanos.

Star Wars

This year's Star Wars Advent Calendar is inspired by Mandalorian instead of the Star Wars Universe. Minifigures include Mando in festive fear together with his pal Grogu. Others included a Tusken Raider, IG-11 and Scout Trooper.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter calendar is inspired by Harry's first steps into the Wizarding World.  Minifigs include Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione.


5 Lego Friends are included in this set. Accessories include 5 micro-dolls with stocks, kitten and puppy.


The traditional LEGO City Advent Calendar is back.  Familiar characters from LEGO City including Big Betty, Shirley Keeper, Officer Sam Grizzled and Fire Fighter Bob.

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