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NDP Song Parody Dance is now a viral trend !

OMG. What have we done?

See this island, every grain of sand
Hear the anthem, it's the voices of our friends.

We love this year's NDP song. Having heard it on the airwaves on a daily basis, the tune has stuck to our heads. Was anticipating this year's NDP to belt it out. However, with the cancellation of NDP on Aug 9, the mood dampers.

That is until we chanced upon this dance parody and decided to compile it on a single video. It had since gone viral after we shared it on Facebook. At the last count, it has reached a whopping 550,000 people in the past few days with over 5000 shares and more than 1000 comments. This will probably be our most viral share on FB for a long long time. For the record, the original video on Tic Toc had 130K views. If you spot someone punching in the air on the streets, we do not take responsibility for it.

The reactions are mostly positive with favourable comments. There is a minority that frowns on it but we think we should take it with a pinch of salt. With Singapore forgoing the National Celebration due to COVID-19 and the spew of bad news related to mental health especially in the youth, to see Singaporeans willing to look on the lighter side and entertain fellow Singaporeans is nothing short of extraordinary. This comment pretty much sums it up.

Contrary to popular beliefs, Singaporeans have a wonderful sense of humour. We may not show it as often as we would like, but deep down, everyone can provide a good laugh every now and then. We are glad that we had contributed to a little laughter in these tough times.

As a bonus, we decided to extend our original version to a slightly longer one. Check it out on FB here.


Have a safe National Day ahead!

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