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LUMOS RAY Review : 7 Reasons why this is your next home entertainment


With COVID-19, staying at home for the past 1 year plus has been a common pastime. 

The trips to cinemas had dwindled down to a handful. Instead of heading out to attractions for planning an overseas vacation, most of our time had been spent at home. As such home entertainment became a must-have. From our experience with the Lumos Auro, a home projector would do wonders for your home entertainment set-up.

Transport to Another World

The Lumos Auro is now a permanent fixture in the bedroom where we enjoyed our nightly sitcoms. Recently, we renovated a spot in the house and wanted to convert that area to a chill zone. When we heard that the Lumos Auro has a new addition - The LUMOS RAY, we decided that it will be perfect for the spot.

LUMOS RAY - Tiny but Powerful

LUMOS RAY - Bringing Entertainment Home

The LUMOS RAY is the latest Home Cinema Short Throw Projector by Lumos. Here are 7 reasons why this should be your next home projector for the cinematic experience.

1) It is a Short Throw Projector

100 in Screen!

A Short Throw projector requires a short distance to the projector. Typically that would mean you need only 1-3 meters to get decent screen size.  Here is what you can get with the LUMOS RAY.

1.5 m    - 50 in
3 m       - 100 in
4.5 m    - 150 in

Given the average sizes of rooms in Singapore, getting a 100 screen is achievable.

2) Nifty Design


Compared to the predecessor, the Lumor Ray looks modern and slick. It is a light box-like feature with silky curves and a handler for you to transport from one room to another. The LUMOS RAY  looks good in both the living room or even outdoors. Do note that a wired connection is still needed for use outdoor.

Sleek Design

The LUMOS RAY  weighs only 1.2kg and it is light enough to be a tripod Mount with a 1/4 inch screw hole which is compatible with a standard tripod/ camera stand. Alternative, you can also opt for the in house RIZE adjustable stand.

RIZE Tripod

3) Get Smart with Inbuilt Netflix, Youtube, Android 6.0 Operating System, WIFI, Bluetooth and more


There are 2 versions of the LUMOS RAY - REGULAR and SMART. The price difference is an extra $99 but you get a host of extra apps with the SMART version. The REGULAR version requires you to plug it into either a laptop or a setup box to get it to work.


The SMART version comes with Android 6.0 OS, It has Wi-Fi, Netflix, Youtube, Phone Casting, Bluetooth and Keystone Correction. The apps instantly converted the LUMOS RAY  into a plug and play device. Simply turn on the power and you have a suite of entertainment in a box. 

Entertainment at your Fingertips

For Keystone correction, it allows manual adjustment. This means that the LUMOS RAY can be placed on the side of the room and still provide a proper screen. Some high-end projectors do not even have this function build in.

Feature Pack

Additionally, you have access to Google Playstore and you can download additional apps from there. From what we understand, you might be able to manually download Disney + into the LUMOS RAY. 

4) Phone Screen Mirror 

Mirror Screen

Another feature of the LUMOS RAY SMART version is the ability to mirror your phone. We simply connect the iPhone to the same network and use Airplay to connect. It works with Android phones too

5) Doubles up as a speaker.

You can ditch the wireless speakers with the LUMOS RAY. You can now connect your devices via Bluetooth to the LUMOS RAY. With the 2 inbuilt Dolby Audio Speakers, you get to enjoy crisp sounds with decent bass. This also means that you get to enjoy the same audio experiences when playing shows or movies through LUMOS RAY.

You are also given the option to connect to external speakers or headsets if you prefer.

6)  Decent Specs and connectivity

720p Native that supports 1080p

The LUMOS RAY comes with a 720p Native Resolution that supports 1080p. From what we had seen on the screen, it is almost as good as the higher-spec LUMOS AURO. It is 3000 Lumens giving it a vibrant and richer graphic. As the brightness cannot be adjusted, the LUMOS RAY works best in a dark room.
Sharp Images

To enhance the viewing experience, we recommend a projection screen. The projection on the wall vs on a screen can be quite obvious with the latter winning in terms of picture quality.

The LUMOS also allows you to connect devices via HDMI, USB and AV. This allows external setup boxes or smartphones to be connected to it. 


The remote also comes with a function to activate the mouse on the screen. This makes navigating certain apps like NETFLIX a lot easier. 

7) Gaming Devices Compatible

Play Games on the Big Screen

If you are a gamer and would like to have a bigger screen, the LUMOS RAY supports the Nintendo Switch, XBOX, and PS4. Gaming will never be the same again on a big screen!


Overall, we are quite pleased with the LUMOS RAY and the performance. For the price range, it is one of the better specs tiny projectors in the market. Compared to the cheapest 55 inches SMART TV in the market, the LUMOS RAY is a steal. 

LUMOS is a 100% local company that provides a year warranty on the LUMOS RAY. The LUMOS RAY is rated to have 50,000 hours lifespan and starts from $199 with the regular version and $298 for the SMART version. You can add on a RIZE tripod stand for $55. 


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