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A-Roy Thai East Coast Road Review : Authentic Thai food in the East

Want to try some authentic Thai Food?

Ever since we decided to start a #hungrygoanywhere series on food reviews, the wife is a happy person. Not only will she get to enjoy our weekly meal, but it is also our dating time. As the kids are getting older, they would prefer to stay in their own sanctuary a.k.a room than to head out with us. That is fine with us. After 15 years of parenthood, it is time to take some of our we-time back.

Last weekend, we decided to try Thai food for a change. Checking out our options in the East, we decided to head to A-Roy Thai, a family-oriented restaurant serving authentic Thai Food.

A-Roy Thai

Unlike the recent restaurant we had been to, A-Roy Thai had been in Singapore's dining scene for the past 26 years. We tried the outlet located a lot East Coast Road that was opened about 2 years back. Prior to this, they were located at Goodwill Court at Siglap.

The current restaurant occupies a shop on the ground floor of a row of shophouses directly opposite Holy Family Church. It is not a big area with tables for about 10-12 groups of people. If you are heading there during weekends, it is best to make a reservation or you might end up making a wasted trip.

Crackers were served as a teaser before the meal. In terms of food options, there was the usual Thai fare of appetizers, main course, soups and desserts. You can find appetizers such as Tord Man Pla (Fried Thai Fish Cake), Tord Man Kung (Fried Thai Prawn Cake), Dishes such as Peek Gai Yad Sai (Deep Fried Chicken), Kaeng Khiao Wan (Thai Green Curry with chicken), Pad Thai and more.

In terms of pricing, I would say it is reasonable for a restaurant setting. It is pricer than the next door Zi Char, but in terms of offerings and ambience, you are paying for what it is worth.

For the two of us, we ordered 3 dishes for the meal. It is sufficient to fill our stomachs as we are not heavy eaters.

Kaeng Khiao Wan ($15.90)
Thai Green Curry with Chicken

A-Roy Thai Kaeng Khiao Wan

One of our favourite Thai soups is the Thai Green Curry. We love it for its minty taste. Despite being a curry, it is not spicy. Our selection of meat is chicken, and the portion was decent. Not to mention, the chicken was tender without being chewy.

In terms of carbs, the Kaeng Khiao Wan is at 38g, so it is friendly for those on low carbs diet.   We ordered a small dish, and it was sufficient for both of us.

Kor Moo Yang ($14.90)
Grilled Sliced Porked served with signature chilli sauce.

If you like Char Siew, you will love this. This is probably a better version of char siew. The meat was equally portioned with both fats and meat. Dip it with the signature chilli sauce; each bite is a delight. While the dish may look simple, the taste defines it.

Pad Thai ($9.90)
Signature Thai Noodles

If you have a Thai meal, choosing pineapple rice or Pad Thai is natural to complement your dishes. Our option was the Pad Thai. That one dish alone defines this restaurant's authenticity. It is as good as the Pad Thai we tried in Thailand.


If you want a fuss-free authentic Thai food experience, A-Roy Thai is the place to go. While the interior may not be elaborated, the dishes provided a touch of Thai in Singapore. The homely decor makes this place a fit for a simple night out with your family.

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