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Long Phung Vietnamese Restaurant Review : Joo Chiat Authentic Vietnamese Food

Long Phung is a Vietnamese restaurant in Joo Chiat.

Before Covid-19, there are certain parts of Joo Chiat that one does not often wander too often due to the presence of KTV bars and the rowdy nature of the crowd. 

In fact, Joo Chiat had been seen as a problematic area where new bars, nightclubs and KTV are not allowed.

Joo Chiat

Ever since Covid-19, the bars had shuttered their doors. While the bars are slowly disappearing from this road, eateries had popped up in their place. While the new eateries are gaining popularity, the older ones get a boost as new customers such as couples and families started exploring this stretch.

Long Phung

Long Phung is one of the older restaurants on this stretch. Serving authentic Vietnamese food such as Pho noodles, Cha Gio ( Vietnamese spring rolls) and more, one could savour a real taste of Vietnam right in the heart of the East. Parking is easy as there is a big carpark located just behind the restaurant.

The place had mixed reviews ranging from good and authentic to "I will not go again". As a result of the reviews, we were sceptical. Nonetheless, we tried out a few dishes and was happy with our choices. 

Chả giò (Vietnamese Spring Roll) $14

This is a must-try dish. We like the texture and the taste of both the fried and the non fried versions of the Vietnamese spring roll. The crab sticks are good too. You need to dip in the sauce provided to get the full taste of it.

Cánh Gà chiên nước mắm (Stir Fried Chicken) $14

The stir fried chicken are not too bad. It tastes about the same as regular chicken would, so we are not quite sure how Vietnamese it should taste.

Cha Tom ( Pork-Pie Shrimp) $13

The pork pie shrimp was not chewy but easy to bite. As for the taste, it is an interesting mix of pork and shrimp.

So huyet xao bo (Stir fry cockles) $10

This is the second time we tried the cockles. While the cockles are not huge, the sauces and dips that come with them make up for the size. It is worth every bite.

We did not try the famed Vietnamese noodles this time around, but they will be on our radar for the next visit. While the food may not be outstanding, for a Vietnamese fare, we reckon that it is worth the price.

 As for the price, it came in under $60 for two.


Service-wise was decent. It was not too crowded when we were there and the food came fast and hour within 15-20 minutes. While the decor may not be modern, it does exude a certain charm dining in an old school setting.

It brings us back to our Danang trip where we ate in similar settings. With travelling still a pandora box for us, this alternative to have a taste of Vietnam is welcoming.

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