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Egg Price War in Singapore- Did we start it?


It all started from an innocent post.

During my weekend grocery run, I took this photo on Sunday.17 Apr.

The price of eggs in recent weeks had run up so much that it seems a little crazy. A tray of 30 Pasar eggs cost less than $5 a year ago, but had increased more than 50% in just a year. 2 factors cause the prices of eggs to shoot up. One was the higher cost of eggs due to global inflation as well as news of a disease outbreak at a local farm back in March. Interestingly, supply remains unaffected. 

Even during the height of Covid, prices of Pasar eggs did not breach $6. This was despite empty shelves when shoppers stacked trays of eggs into trolleys during the early days of the pandemic.

Three days after the egg post, I overheard on National Radio that eggs in NTUC has been reduced by $0.55 cents to $6.95. There was even a cheekie post by Fairprice to announce this EGG-citing deal.

Maybe it is just coincidental, but when I posted this news on Wednesday ( before the NTUC Egg Pun post), guess who reply?

NTUC Fairprice was the first to lower the egg price. Subsequently, supermarkets around Singapore decided to do likewise!

Sheng Siong

Li Li Cheng Supermarket


Did we single-handedly bring the price of eggs down in Singapore from just on Facebook post?

If that is the case, we are happy we did our part for the residents of Singapore. 

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