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Doong Ji Restaurant Review: Big Korea Treat in the East


The wife is a fan of Korean Dramas.

Since we watched 'Crash Landing on You', the missus had switched her allegiance from Taiwan dramas to K-Dramas. Binge-watching Netflix has now become a weekend pastime. It is no surprise that we started to have cravings for Korean food such as kimchi and Fried Chicken which were often featured in these shows.

Since we started Hungry Wacky Eats, we had been heading out for treats every weekend. We tried to keep the price down to below $80 for 2. A meal at Doongji Restaurant along East Coast Road is perfect for our budget and craving.

Doong Ji Restaurant has had its roots on the East Coast for the past decade or so. When you step inside, the decor resembles a normal cafe betraying its Korean roots.  Save for a few bottles of Soju on the bar counter and the fridge, it would be hard to distinguish it as a Korean restaurant at first glance.

Doong Ji Restaurant

The Side Dishes

When the food came, it is a different tale. One thing we like about having a Korean meal in a decent Korean restaurant is the sides that came with the main course. The selection of 6 different sides including Kimchi was generous for 2. In fact, you can always ask for a refill if you want more. Honestly, just the sides and 1 main course would make a complete meal for most.

Main Course

As for the main course, there are plenty of options to choose from. Instead of traditional Korean dishes, we decided to opt for something different. 

BBQ Pork

This may not be Mootaka, but we decided to opt for a BBQ Pork Dish. Wrapped it with lettuce and sauce, it is quite a mouthful.

Sauced Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is synonymous with K-drama. In every other restaurant scene in a K-drama, you will always have fried chicken on the menu. This saucy dish is probably our favourite among the 3 mainly because of the sauce.  The serving is rather generous too. 

Egg Roll

Last on our menu is the egg roll done sushi style. This is just ok in our opinion. For the 2 of us, 2 dishes would be just nice. The addition of the third dish was probably not necessary especially when you have the generous side dishes.


If you are craving Korean food with generous side dishes, Doonji will be a worthy choice. Tucked on the side of East Coast road nearer to Still Road, it does face stiff competition just as the Taiwanese Isshin Machi and Thai Mookata

If you want to surprise your other half with a little Korean "Salang", 'Khaja" down for a meal at Doong Ji Restaurant on East Coast

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