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Sinpopo Brand Review: Local Gourmet at a price



Sinpopo has been our comfort food during the peak of the pandemic.

Located along Joo Chiat Road, it has recently undergone a mini revamp. The once colourful signage that resembles an old school Kopitiam had given way to a more sophisticated black and white design.

Sinpopo serves local dishes with a twist of their own. While the menu is not extensive, you would find interesting eats such as Crab Beehoon, Angus Beef Biskery Rendang, chargrilled pork chop with apple chutney

SINPOPO Brand's Signature Nasi Lemak $22

We love to head there simply for their Nasi Lemak for 2. 

The old Nasi Lemak Platter

On our last visit, we were a little saddened that this option was no longer available. Instead of a platter for 2, we were provided this plate of Nasi Lemak instead.

The New Sinpopo Nasi Lemak

While the ingredients look similar, it is now a portion for one instead of two sans a few other side dishes. Presentation-wise, we do find this less visually appealing.  The Nasi Lemak comes with har jeong kai wings, assma prawn, soft-centred egg and ma long luncheon crisps. While it still retains the flavour, at $22 per plate, it is actually quite pricey. Considering that this is a signature brand, it is a tad disappointing.

Satay Ayam $16

The next meal was not our first choice. We wanted to order Beef Bisket but it was surprisingly sold out despite us being there before 7pm. Some other dishes were sold out as well. Given that Sinpopo has only 10 main dishes on the menu, it was a case of Hobson's choice. 

The satay ayam was meant as a sharing for 2. It comes with 6 skewers of flame grilled marinated chicken thigh. While they are bigger than satays, this set would more befitting for one instead of 'perfect for sharing' as written on the menu.

Pulut Hitam Cake
While there are options for desserts, we decided to go for the pulut hitam cake. The last time we tried it, it left a lasting impression. This was perhaps the saving grace for this meal. If you are a fan of pulut hitam you would love this!

If you want a different local experience, Sinpopo could be your next destination.

Personally, we prefer the old Sinpopo where it feels more family orientated. The selection of dishes for the new Sinpopo is rather limited and may not be suited to everyone's taste. While the main courses are a tad pricey, the desserts such as the cakes are worth trying.

The views on this post are based on personal experiences and opinions. It may differ from your own. #notsponsored

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