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McDonald's Happy Meal Toys May 2022 : League of SuperPets

The League of SuperPets will take over McDonald's in May.

There will be different sets of toys for each week at McDonald's for this May Happy Meal Toys Giveaway. From 12 May to 15 June 2022, you can start collecting a mini SuperPets plush together with their respective Superheros with every Happy Meal in Singapore.

Here are a total of 10 different characters for every week.


Week 1 | 12 May to 18 May: Batman | Super ACE

Week 2 | 19 May to 25 May:  Green Lantern | Super Chip

Week 3 | 26 May to 1 June: Wonder Woman | Lulu

Week 4 | 2 June  to 8 June: Flash | Super Merton

Week 5 | 9 June - 15 June: Superman | Super Kryton

If you are not a fan of toys you could always opt for a book. 

The Tiny Detectives: ' Is there life at the bottom of the deepest Ocean?' will be the book for this period.

The series is written by Cressida Cowell, the English Children's Author who is well known for her book 'How to Train a Dragon'

Which you would you choose?

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