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LUMOS MOOD Lightning Review : Sleep under the stars

Want to sleep under the stars?

LUMOS has been our go-to brand for cinema projection. From the first LUMOS AURO to the LUMOST NANO, our experience was nothing short of extraordinary.

When we were approached to review LUMOS MOOD, we thought this is the latest cinema projector. Instead, this is a completely different lineup that uses similar concepts and technology to turn your room to any mood.


The LUMOS MOOD is essentially a mood lighting projector that will magically transform your room into a dreamy starry landscape, a calming oasis or a rave party atmosphere. You are able to fully customise it to suit the mood you are in!

Tricolour lighting

The LUMOS MOOD comes with a Tri-Colour RGB Lightning mix. This means you have the flexibility to have a wide range of colour combinations at your disposal to create the mood that would perfectly suit you. 

The colours are vibrant when projected and work best in a dark setting. Essentially, it projects auras of red blue and green on the ceiling or walls. These auras move in slow motion around the ceiling and would look best when you see them lying down.  You could adjust colours, and remove or add elements like stars and moon. The speed of the movements and transitions can also be customised.

300 Degree Coverage

The LUMOS MOOD gives you an impressive 300-degree coverage. This would be as good as coverage for the whole ceiling and walls. With such massive coverage, one can set themselves in the mood with an immersive experience.

The LUMOS MOOD also support multiple positions up to 4 different positions. Depending on the placement, it is possible to cover the whole room with one device. Our favourite would be at a 45-degree angle from the corner of the room.

2 in 1: It's a Bluetooth Speaker too!

It is always good to have a little music for one to get into the mood. The LUMOS MOOD doubles up as a Bluetooth speaker that can easily be connected to your phone to provide that soothing experience you seek to get into the mood. The speakers are not high fidelity with the lack of bass, but it is decent as an auxiliary speaker.

After a hard day at work or from school, a relaxing atmosphere is a great way to wind down and recharge for the next day. Turn it on, sync it to your phone and listen to smooth jazz for a chill time in the comfort of your home.

Always in Control

Want to change your mood?

With the remote control, you have full control of the atmosphere you seek. You could use it for room lighting to suit your mood, transform a wall into interesting backdrops for photo taking, and convert a child's room into a galaxy filled with stars, this versatile projector will add a new dimension to your room regardless of the mood or task. It also comes with a timer to sleep in case you only need the lights to soothe you to sleep.


The LUMOS MOOD is one of those gadgets that you do not think you would need until you use it. For us, it is now a permanent feature in the room to create the mood we seek. With the dual functionality of a speaker, it provides light entertainment when needed. 

At the promotional price of $99, it will make a great gift for kids, housewarming or for your own use. Get one to enhance your own mood today.  Each set comes with the main unit, remote control, charging cable and charger.

You can get your LUMOS MOOD here

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