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Uncle Didi Popcorn and Cotton Candy : Local Flavoured snacks !

Fancy Milo Dinosaur Popcorn?

What have Milo Dinosaur, Bandung, and Ondeh Ondeh has in common?

They are part of the local exotic-flavoured popcorn by Uncle Didi. 

Founded in 2018, Uncle Didi is a homegrown snack brand that created the most unique popcorn and cotton candy. These munchies are created to ignite the taste buds of discerning local residents. Unlike conventional popcorn and cotton candy, you would find over 12 flavours of freshly-made popcorn and handmade cotton candy with low or no-sugar choices.


These are kept in airtight microwave reusable containers that can keep their crispiness for up to 8 weeks.

The special thing about them is the array of flavours you can choose from their website. The popcorn are also available through Lazada, Shoppee and Qoo10 for those looking for a great deal. 

Standard Flavour

Standard flavours include Salted Butter, Salted Caramel, Honey, Caramel and Original Sweetcorn. Still, we think the Milo Dinosaur, Sour Cream, Double Cheese, Brown Sugar and Seaweed are the ones to get. Occasionally, you get seasonal flavours like Spicy Buffalo Wings and Red Velvet Cinnamon to spice up your appetite.

The tubs are available in three sizes, from Fun Tub Size (750ml) to Jumbo Size (3000ml). Prices ranges from $4.2 to $12.4 for different flavours and size.

Cotton Candy

Other than popcorn, you can also get interesting Cotton Candy flavours. From Blueburry to Lychee, to Rainbow to Unicorn to Apple flavour and more, that is a flavour that would suit your tastebuds.


Now that we have stocked up the snacks, it is time for a movie marathon!

TWD received a set of Uncle Didi popcorn and cotton candy as a media drop. All opinions are of our own.

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