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Celebrate Christmas at the Flower Dome with Seasons of Bloom

Christmas arrives at GBTB

Gardens by the Bay celebrate its 10th anniversary with a final floral display for the year.

Seasons of Bloom to pay tribute to the various seasons of flowers that Flower Dome has brought visitors over the past decade. You will get a chance to experience flowers from Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter all in one location!

Seasons of Bloom Entrance

This Seasons of Bloom will also feature Christmas-related theme decor. Compared to pre Covid years, we do feel that the decor has scaled down. Nonetheless, it is still worth a visit to soak in the atmosphere. 

The 4 Seasons

Visitors will get a chance to catch Snapdragons for spring, delphiniums for summer, zinnias for autumn and cyclamens for winter.

Seasons of Bloom Christmas Tree

These are displayed according to the seasons


Seasons of Bloom - Spring


Seasons of Bloom - Summer


Seasons of Bloom - Autumn


Seasons of Bloom -Winter

Horticulture-Artistry Christmas Tree

Seasons of Bloom - Christmas Tree

A yuletide-themed display to mark the Christmas celebration is taking centre stage at the Flower Dome.

Seasons of Bloom 

Towering over the snowy landscape is a Christmas Tree made out of poinsettias. This tree is 8 metres tall and 6 metres in diameter. This is a good spot to capture your Christmas moments.

Seasons of Bloom - Reindeers

Ice Cavern

Seasons of Bloom Ice Cavern

An ice cavern also houses beautiful seasonal blooms 'frozen' in icicles. 

Seasons of Bloom 

Interestingly, 10,000 Christmas ornaments used have been handpainted by the Salvation Army and Gardens by the Bay volunteers. Try to spot them while you are there!

Seasons of Bloom ornaments

Seasons of Bloom will be at the Flower Dome from 10 Nov 2022 to 2 Jan 2023. 

Seasons of Bloom 

You can get your tickets here.

Seasons of Bloom 

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