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Shrinkflation : McDonald's, KFC and even Hawkers have shrunk their food.

 Honey, I shrunk the food.

Within a week, I encountered a few incidents of food shrinkage. 

From McDonald's to KFC to even Hawker Center, it seems that even though the price is increasing, the food portion has declined in tandem. This makes it even more expensive to have a meal these days. Is this Shrinkflation in the works?

Shrinkflation is the practice of reducing the size of a product while maintaining its sticker price. Raising the price per given amount is a strategy employed by companies, mainly in the food and beverage industries, to stealthily boost profit margins or maintain them in the face of rising input costs.

McDonald's - The Shrinking McGriddles

The popular McGriddles is back... it has also shrunk in size.

The McGriddles used to be a chunky meal and needed 2 hands to eat. It has since reduced to size to one that is no bigger than a palm. The small size can be seen when placed beside an Apple Watch.

KFC - Drumstick trying to be a drumette

Source: Reader's Contribution+Personal Experience

For some reason, KFC chicken had shrunk. It may be due to its new marketing image.

Hawker- Mee Pok in 2 bites


Even Hawkers are getting into the act. A woman shared her meal on the Complaint Singapore Facebook page that her packet of Mee Pok Soup which cost $6.80 had only a small portion of Mee Pok. From the look of it, one can easily finish it in 2 bites.

Are the portions really getting smaller in Singapore? 

What are your experiences?

Do share with us!

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