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LEGO PAC-MAN Arcade Set - Take my money already!


LEGO unveils a new LEGO Icon.

Are you ready for LEGO Icons PAC-MAN Arcade set?

In honor of PAC-MAN's 43rd anniversary, the LEGO Group and Bandai Namco have joined forces to celebrate the iconic arcade game with the unveiling of the brand-new vintage LEGO® ICONS PAC-MAN Arcade set.

Designed in collaboration between Bandai Namco and the LEGO Group, this set features vibrant, oversized brick renditions of the iconic PAC-MAN character and mischievous BLINKY and CLYDE ghosts. It's announcement is made on the same day PAC-MAN made its original debut - May 22, 1980!

What makes this collaboration even more remarkable is the revelation that PAC-MAN's renowned yellow hue was actually influenced by the LEGO Group's distinctive signature color, adding an intriguing connection between two beloved pop culture icons. 

With its meticulous attention to detail, the New LEGO Icons PAC-MAN Arcade set offers fans a unique opportunity to relive the magic of the classic arcade era through the medium of LEGO, bridging the gap between timeless gaming and the timeless appeal of LEGO bricks.

The final model will measure 32cm high, 25 cm wider and 17 cm deep. It will consist of 2,650 pieces and includes 

  • 3 iconic PAC-MAN figures.
  • 1 light- brick that lights up the area where you insert the coin.
  • A small vignette of a Minifigure (female) playing PAC-MAN in an Arcade hidden inside of the cabinet.
LEGO PAC-MAN arcade set will be released in June 2023. Price is expected to be about USD 269.99

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